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Dear guest,

Welcome to the World Gourmet Society (WGS) website.

WGS is a gourmet club for food lovers and food professionals alike/and all those in between.

Since 2011, I've set up and managed several different social media groups specifically for food connoisseurs. I'm delighted that these groups have brought together thousands of members who love to share their culinary enthusiasm and support each other. My passion for food developed from extensive travel to America and Asia. I quickly became curious about what each city had to offer above and beyond what was mentioned in city guides and recommended by hotel receptionists.

By asking friends and colleagues to show me local and authentic restaurants, I uncovered a world of amazing eateries from street-food joints to upmarket restaurants, talented young chefs, and exciting culinary trends. I realized that all cities have an undiscovered culinary landscape and soon found myself spending every free moment trying to explore this uncharted territory.

And so the idea was born to create a gourmet club where likeminded food lovers from all around the world could discover emerging food trends, share hidden restaurant gems, and support new culinary ideas – the World Gourmet Society.

WGS members are a refreshing mix of influential food experts including food writers, chefs, restaurant owners and food managers, as well as young and active gourmet enthusiasts with new and exciting ideas.

When you join WGS, you join a group of global gourmet enthusiasts. You can create a personalized Gourmet Profile detailing your culinary expertise and can contact and exchange ideas with likeminded food lovers from all around the world. I have put in a great deal of effort to develop a Gourmet Profile page that allows members to describe their enthusiasm for food in as much detail as they want. Members will also receive Gourmet reports featuring food trends from smaller and bigger countries, gathering gourmet knowledge from all around the world, and they are invited to create a list of "extraordinary restaurants" with us.

As well as creating the perfect environment to network and share ideas, our vision is to become a place where our members can support new culinary ideas and talented young chefs by recognizing and commenting on their skills.

We kindly ask members not to use WGS to promote themselves. The common interests of all members should be their enthusiasm for fine food and fine restaurants and their passion to support and honor outstanding achievements in the gourmet world. Please review our code of ethics for more information.

We are always happy to welcome new and passionate food enthusiasts from all around the world to our society. Please click here to apply for membership.