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Portrait - Chef David Sosson - The president of Qatar Culinary Professionals

article David Sosson Photo

1. Tesi: Dear Chef David, you are the president of Qatar Culinary Professionals. Please also tell me more about your background and your organisation.

Chef David Sosson: QCP has been Found in 2014, it's one of the smallest, yet steadily growing and active chefs association within the Middle East. Incorporated onto the World Chefs association and already participated to several international activities and competitions.

Our mission is to provide chefs with the necessary tools to advance in their career while creating a network of chefs from the region multi-unit foodservice operations. Networking opportunities is taking place oftenly at some of the region's largest events like gulf food or other events that we organize like the Salon Culinaire during HQ Qatar.

There are around 26 events who delivered by QCP, their Chefs and corporate members yearly as we believe that together we are stronger to succeed in our Industry

Portrait Axel Stiegelmar - Winery Juris / Austria

Axel Stiegelmar

1. Tesi: Dear Axel, you are the owner of Chateau Juris in Austria. Can you tell me more about your daily business as well as the challenges associated with running the chateau and your wine?

Axel: Over the last twenty years, the wine landscape has changed enormously. Respect for nature, regionality, and reduction in profits are just a few buzzwords which create an environment where great wines can emerge.

Portrait Michael Moosbrugger - Schloss Gobelsburg

kl MM c Peter Mayer IV

1. Tesi: Dear Michael, you are the Managing Director of chateau Schloss Gobelsburg. Can you tell me more about you and your love for wine?

Michael: Born and raised in a Relais & Chateaux Hotel in the Arlberg skiing area (Hotel Post, Lech) I was early confronted with wine, especially as my father was cofounder of the first Austrian Sommelier association. The first really deep impression was set with a bottle of JL Chave Hermitage 1986 that my brother from his stage at Maison Pic in Valence. But I decided to go into wine after my brother took over the family business.

Interview Willi Klinger - Austrian Wine

article 12120281fert


1. Tesi: Dear Willi, you are the Managing Director of the organization "Austrian Wine Marketing" that promotes Austrian wine in the world. Can you please tell me about your daily job and the organization you are working for?

Willi: We are Austria's generic wine marketing board, founded in 1986 to tackle the image loss after the wine scandal of 1985. It took us 20 years to make the new quality orientated strategy successful, but in the last 10 years our export graph looks as impressive as those of the most dynamic wine producing countries of the so called "New World". Our team consists of 23 people that acts according to a very sophisticated marketing plan and a top-down strategy always highlighting the best possible products.

Interview with Pascal Schelbert ENI’T

article MG 8594 copy - Kopie

World Gourmet Society – General interview

1. How would you best describe your restaurant?

We set ourselves the target to offer an unparalleled and unique meat experiences, all this, at a time when vegetarian and vegan restaurants are almost inflationary. The word 'Eni't' is Etruscan and means 'German meat'. The name of our new gastronomy concept is therefore a program. Chef Roger Heé, who created in five-star hotels' kitchens such as Kulm in Arosa and Zurich's Baur au Lac, serves meat beautifully prepared as a meatloaf, ossobuco, or goulash. At the same time the focus for guests is on socialising and storytelling. There are therefore occasions with music which it can be enjoyed in a convivial and nice ambience. The walk-in vineyard, cheese buffet, and refrigerated cabinet are central components of our interior. Of course, the specially designed calibration tables, chairs, and accessories are also part of our design-specific features.


London Nightlife Update - Hyde Kensington

kl 2

1. Tesi: Dear Andrea, you are the marketing manager of the cocktail bar Hyde  in London. Can you please tell me about the concept, the idea and background of your location?

Andrea: Hyde Kensington is the bringing together of exquisite food, divine cocktails in a surrounding filled with award winning artwork. A restaurant and cocktail bar that transforms into a party venue at night situated directly opposite Kensington Palace. We host private parties and corporate events at Hyde Kensington also.

Portrait Robert Thompson – Isle of Wight

kl IMG 3743
Tesi: Dear Robert, you are the patron chef of the restaurant thompson’s on the Isle of Wight. Can you please tell us a little about you and your restaurant? 
Robert: I have loved cooking since I was 10 years old. Cooking and preparing food was always a hugely important element in my family. My older brother Patrick inspired and encouraged me to become a chef. He even won the Roux Scholarship, which impressed me immensely. I remember how my thoughts on the design of my restaurant started to develop very early in my life. To open my own restaurant and make it uniquely ‘my’ place was my life’s dream.
I started to work in the hotel industry when I was 13 years old. For the first six month I washed dishes, only then I was allowed to work in the desert section (Robert smiles). I also did my work experience in the same hotel where I worked with the front of house team.
When I was 15 or 16 my brother took me to visit a selection of fine dining restaurants for the first time. I remember visiting both Guy Savoy and the Arpege around 20 years ago. It must have been at that time my dream to open a restaurant developed further; it became clear to me that my restaurant had to be a fine dining venue. The plates, the ingredients, and the cooking skills I observed during those exploratory dining experiences fascinated me.
I have been fortunate to work at various wonderful restaurants during my career. I started as apprentice at the two Michelin Starred Winteringham Fields working for Germain and Annie Schwab.  At the age of 23, I was awarded my very own first Michelin Star. Following this experience I made my way south and after a short stint at Cliveden I headed to the Isle of Wight where I started to cook at The Hambrough. I was lucky as I had the freedom to manage and build the restaurant according to my wishes and requirements. Four months later we won a Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosettes and 7/10 in The good Food Guide. I truly enjoyed elevating The Hambrough but it was, nevertheless not my very own restaurant. To fulfill my childhood dream I finally opened thompson’s in Newport.
The chosen venue was in a really bad condition and with only 6 months to complete a substantial renovation, my strong family bonds kicked in. As an example, all tables were handmade by my father. My team and I worked day and night to renovate the venue. I am extremely proud my restaurant is a family business in the best and complete sense of the word. I love to be on the Isle of Wight and I am very thankful my career developed to allow me to run my own restaurant on this amazing Island.

Portrait Jacob-Jan Boerma -Restaurant De Leest

article JacobJanBoerma 02

Tesi: Jacob-Jan, you are the patron chef of the restaurant De Leest / Netherlands. Can you tell us a little about the history of the restaurant?

Chef Jacob-Jan Boerma: De Leest has been open for 12 years now. The building dates back to 1930 and originally it was a shoemaker's. Then it became a cafe for the locals to hang out in and eventually, having acquired a food licence, it was turned into a restaurant. Since 2002, it has been in the hands of JJB and Kim Veldtman.

Portrait - Chef Seiji Yamamoto of Nihonryori RyuGin

picture kl

1. Tesi: Dear Chef Seiji Yamamoto, you are just awarded as a Top 10 chef worldwide from the French magazine "Le Chef". Can you please tell me more about you and your love for cooking food and being a chef?

Chef Seiji Yamamoto: From an elementary school age of 11 and as part of my school education, I participated in cooking lesson. Those lessons were a lot of fun. When at home I prepared the dishes I was taught in each lesson and invited my mother to eat my creation. My mother really loved these dishes very much. At that time, I had a taste of what it meant to prepare a dish and I was pleased by the responses of those who tasted my creations. It is then, that I decided I would become a chef in the future. This is the main reason why I decided to become a chef: chefs make people happy .... I embraced that very feeling at the early age of 11.

Japanese Version:


Portrait - Stephanie Simbo - Beyond Bars Akademia / South Africa


1. Tesi: Dear Stephanie, you are the owner of the school Beyond Bars Akademia in South Africa. Can you tell me more about you and your school?

Stephanie: Beyond Bars is a bartending school with a social conscience. South Africa is a growing platform for the tourism industry, therefore for our industry. The lack of skilled bartenders was starting to show, the gender equality in this industry too. Hence, the idea of combining both, including a social dimension to it. Integrating former inmates was a way of showing that rehabilitation is necessary and a real solution when the prison's population is overcrowded by 138% and the recidivism rate reaches almost 47%. Through our individualized courses, we help individuals and former inmates pursue a career in bartending.
Coming from a difficult neighborhood, I know for a fact that opportunities don't show up easily, which is why I truly believe in helping by offering them this opportunity, the rest of the world often denies them.
More than focusing on skills, we put the human being at the center of our classes. Courses such as anger management, yoga or even group dynamic will be taught. More than bartenders, we are aiming at educating ambassadors of our industry that will then empower others.


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