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Portait Michelin Starred Chef José Antonio Campoviejo

Restaurante Corral del Indianu chef 1


1 Michelin Star
1 Sol Guía Repsol
Awarded with La Caldereta de Don Calixto


Interview with Chef José Antonio:

1. Tesi: Dear Chef José Antonio, some chefs discover their love for food and their gift to prepare ingredients in an outstanding way quite late, for some other it is already clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. At which point in time did you discover your gift to prepare food far beyond normal standards?

Chef José Antonio: My relationship with cooking started in a very singular moment, when doing the military service. I learnt how to cook and I was fascinated. I fell in love forever. Beyond the romantic compound, I was 20 and I had to start earning my money.

2. Tesi: The most underrated cuisine in the world is...

Chef José Antonio: Lebanese cuisine is pretty disregarded, and even myself I don’t know it. Nevertheless, I have heard many wonders from great professionals, chefs and critics. They describe it as monstrous, terrific, one of the most impressive legacy. However no one really knows this truly cuisine. In Spain very few know where Lebanon is on the map, and they think people are starving.

3. Tesi: What is your favourite dish and why do you love that dish?

Chef José Antonio: “Fabada” (typical pork and bean stew from Asturias), is the memory of my life and my surroundings.

4. Tesi: A young and talented chef is on the edge of making their decision if they want to turn their talent into a professional career or if they want to develop their skills to cook as a hobby. What would your advice be for them?

Chef José Antonio: If he wants to sacrifice his life to one profession, I suggest him to goa head, but if he is not ready physically or mentally, it is better to keep it as a hobby. I know real fire wizards who only cook for hobby and enjoy so much, but they do not imagine themselves working six days a week for 14 hours. Not everybody is ready for this frenetic pace.

5. Tesi: Where do you get your inspiration when you create a menu? Do you follow a method or a routine when you create a menu or is it different every time?

Chef José Antonio: Each creative process is different. In fact, I don’t have a specific moment of creation and I don’t create different menus for spring, summer, fall and winter, nor for any concrete date. My mind dictates and I execute. When the mind is ready and celestial bodies align, new menus and proposals arise in a natural way.

6. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef José Antonio: The maximum. Right now I’ve had lunch with my daughter, hand to hand, a Cantabrian monkfish sauted with “níscalos” (wild mushrooms). That’s the best of the day. Eating for pleasure to be happy. I cannot feel better afterwards.

The World Gourmet Society Festival 2014 menu to discover new culinary landscapes:

The menu will be a surprise to discover new culinary landscapes. It will contain following culinary aspects:

The menu will also have a secret ingredients

Torto with guacamole and marinated onion

Iberian pork croquette

Cabrales cheese and baked apple bonbon with white chocolate

Bombón de Cabrales y manzana asada con chocolate blanco

Rey Silo cheese “tremble”, dried fruits, spicy notes and anchovy

Spelt, tomato (Ecoastur), royal and basil

Marinated anchovy, velvet swimcrab-miso soup, strawberries tartar

Fabada with flavours of the past, textures from today

Hake, cider nuance and baby onions

Bio lamb xaldu, roasted, red oinion enchilada juice

Fresh milk, icy and creamy

Raw and cooked strawberries, Jamaica pepper ice-cream

Price: 76 € + tax per person

Pictures of the restaurant and Chef José Antonio cooking skills:

Restaurante Corral del Indianu restaurant 1

Restaurante Corral del Indianu restaurant 2

Restaurante Corral del Indianu food 2

Restaurante Corral del Indianu food 3

Biography of Chef José Antonio:

With one Michelin star, some people say José Antonio Campoviejo is a mad genius, it might be for his messy hair, for his emotion when he cooks and talks about cooking or for his endless inquisitiveness. Self-taught by the cooking fire, he has developed the passion born when at the military service in charge of feeding his colleagues, he couldn’t stop reading cooking books and magazines.

Chicken filled with oyster, Cabrales cheese and baked apple with white chocolate bonbon, razor-shells soup with sea urchin and algae, or pickled “xarda” fish with citrics and garlic leaf are the result of many years of passionate cooking. José Antonio Campoviejo is a fervent advocate of natural and eco products, and proximity. And he moves his dishes to Asturias, in search of the taste memory.

He has been awarded with multiple awards and recognitions such as la Caldereta de Don Calixto, el Cucharón de la Buena Mesa de la Mar, el Premio de la Crítica and has been knighted Caballero de la Orden del Sabadiego, de la Cofradía Amigos de los Nabos, and Amigos del Queso y de los Amigos del Gochu Asturcelta, among others.


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