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Discover New Culinary Landscapes at De Kromme Watergang during the World Gourmet Society Festival 2014

The World Gourmet Society Festival 2014 where top chefs around the world have created menus for their guests to discover new culinary landscapes starts on January 20th for four weeks.

And one menu to discover new culinary landscapes was created in the Netherlands! Michelin Starred Chef Edwin Vinke will offer an exclusive menu in his restaurant “De Kromme Watergang” for the World Gourmet Society Festival 2014.

To book a table please email “De Kromme Watergang” in the subject line).

For more information about the festival and the other participating restaurants and chefs across the world please visit

restaurant kromme watergang chef 2


An interview with Chef Edwin Vinke:

1.Tesi: Chef Edwin, some chefs discover their love for food and their gift to prepare ingredients in an outstanding way quite late, while for some it is clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. At which point in time did you discover your gift to prepare food far beyond normal standards?

Chef Edwin: As a child, my father and mother would tell me not to run off to stare into the kitchen windows when we went out to dinner together. So, as a child I was already very interested in being a chef. At 13, I went to the hotel school to complete my studies and graduated as the youngest student ever at 17 years old.

Dutch version: Mijn vader en moeder vertelden me dat ik als klein jochie al niet weg te slaan was voor het raam van keuken als we samen uit eten gingen. Dus ik was al heel erg vroeg geïnteresseerd in het koksvak. Ben op mijn 13e naar de hotelschool gegaan en studeerde al seen van de jongste studenten ooit als 17 jarige af.

2.Tesi: The most underrated cuisine in the world is...

Chef Edwin: The Dutch cuisine, of course. Because there is not a real food culture in the Netherlands, we must be creative and inventive in our restaurant. Our restaurant is located near the Belgian border, so about 75% of our clientele is from Belgium

Dutch Version: De Nederlandse keuken natuurlijk, doordat er hier in Nederland geen echte eetcultuur is moeten we extra creatief en inventief zijn om ons restaurant volt e krijgen. Ons restaurant ligt vlak bij de Belgische grens daardoor draaien wij voor 75% op België  

3.Tesi: What is your favourite dish, and why do you love it?

Chef Edwin: I love anything with seafood. I also love vegetables and am a big fan of all kinds of spices from around the world.

Dutch version: Alles op basis van schaal- en schelpdieren heeft mijn voorkeur. Verder eet ik heel graag groenten en ben een grote fan van allerlei diverse kruiden van over heel de wereld.

4.Tesi: A young and talented chef is deciding whether to turn their talent into a professional career or to develop their cooking skills as a hobby. What would your advice be for them?

Chef Edwin: I’d advise them to take the professional course, even though it is not easy to survive in our profession. But, once you catch the bug, you don’t want to do anything else, which gives our profession so much variety and is what makes it fun. It's the best profession there is.

Dutch version: Professioneel natuurlijk ook al is het niet gemakkelijk om te overleven in ons vak. Maar als je eenmaal het virus te pakken hebt wil je niets anders meer en geeft ons vak zoveel variatie en plezier en is het het mooiste dat er is.

5.Tesi: Where do you get your inspiration when you create a menu? Do you follow a method or a routine when you create a menu, or does it differ every time?

Chef Edwin: My head runs on inspiration. I can often be found here by the sea and the salt marshes where I can quiet my head and listen to nature. Nature determines the menu and what is on the table.

Dutch version: M’n hoofd loopt over van inspiratie, ik ben vaak te vinden hier aan de zee en op de schorren daar kan ik mijn hooft leeg maken en luister ik naar de natuur, zij bepaald het menu en wat er op tafel komt.

6.Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef Edwin: Being respectful of everything in the kitchen. Using everything from head to tail to add depth to the dishes. The challenge is to get everything alive and super fresh: fish from the small boats, shells from the dike here, vegetables from the garden, and so on.

We strive daily to make our dishes as healthy and tasty as possible using little cream and butter. We cook everything in seawater and have now replaced 80% of all simple sugars with slow sugars.

Dutch version: Respectvol omgaan met alles wat in de keuken binnen komt. Alles gebruiken van kop tot start, zo kun je diepte brengen in de gerechten. De sport is om alles levend en supervers binnen te krijgen. Vis van de kleine bootjes, schelpjes van over de dijk hier, groenten uit eigen tuin…….. Ook zijn we dagelijks bezig om onze gerechten zo gezond en lekker mogelijk te maken. Gebruiken weinig room en boter, koken alles in zeewater en hebben intussen voor 80% alle snelle suikers vervangen door trage suikers.

The World Gourmet Society Festival menu to discover new culinary landscapes:

COQUILLES & EENDENLEVER witlof, peer & nootjesboter
& DUCK LIVER chicory, pear and nut butter


KOKKELS & SCHEERMESSEN aardappel, zeewier & citroengras
CLAMS & RAZOR potato, seaweed and lemongrass


KABELJAUW & INKTVIS bonen, linzen, lavas & lardo
& SQUID beans, lentils, lovage & lardo


CITRUS & WITTE CHOCOLADE groene thee, shiso & amandel
& WHITE CHOCOLATE green tea, shiso & almond

€ 75 p.p.

Pictures of the restaurant and Chef Edwin Vinke ‘s cooking skills:

restaurant kromme watergang 1

restaurant kromme watergang 2

restaurant kromme watergang 3

restaurant kromme watergang food 1

restaurant kromme watergang food 2

restaurant kromme watergang food 3

restaurant kromme watergang food 4

restaurant kromme watergang food 5

restaurant kromme watergang food 6

The biography of Chef Edwin Vinke:

  • Owner/Chef at De Kromme Watergang (1993)
  • 1st Michelin star in January 2005
  • 2nd Michelin star in November 2011
  • Chef of the Year Gault Millau (2011)
  • SVH Master Chef (2009)
  • Member since January 2005, Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Training and Education

  • 4 years Hotel Management at ‘Ter Duinen’ Koksijde (1985)
  • 1 year Hotel Management at 'Ter Groene Poort' Bruges
  • Several internships in Belgium and France
  • Courses taken
  1. oSVH Teacher
  2. oSVH Kitchen Management

Work Experience

  • Owner/Chef at ‘De Kromme Watergang’ (1993 – current)
  • Sous chef at 'Oud Sluis’ with Ronnie Herman


  • Briny Clay (2011)
  • Uit Zeeuwse Wateren (2007)

Restaurant De Kromme Watergang

In 1993, together with my wife, Blanche, and our young kitchen brigade, we opened our restaurant, De Kromme Watergang, located between Hoofdplaat and Breskens in a small hamlet called Slijkplaat.

It appeared from the outset to be a success. The neighborhood is sparsely populated, but we have mainly local guests, as well as many Belgian guests. Despite being very remotely located, the pursuit of perfection remains our motto.

We have grown into a modern restaurant with a large water garden to the rear, a modern patio/terrace, and koi. The restaurant seats 50 and features a separate aperitif room, a climate-controlled wine room, and an open kitchen with modern décor. We can also seat 25 on the terrace of the water garden.



To book a table at De Kromme Watergang / Netherlands please email

(quoting “De Kromme Watergang” in the subject line).

For more information about the festival and the other participating restaurants and chefs across the world please visit

To apply for a membership at the World Gourmet Society please click:





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