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Interview Pastry Chef William Mccarrick




American born Pastry Chef, trained in Switzerland & Austria and has worked in 12 different countries, on 5 continents, over the past 30 years.

This includes the Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates London, Harrod’s, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt, Hotel Sacher, Grand Hotel National Lucerne, & Hotel Dupont


1. Tesi: Dear Chef William you have worked as a Pastry Chef in many five star hotels such as Shangri-La, Ritz-Carlton and other well knows brands. Can you please tell me more about your career and your passion for your job as a pastry chef?

Chef William:  I always wanted to become a pastry chef. To also travel and learn about new cultures, culinary customs and ethnic cuisines. I was very fortunate that I had excellent mentors early in my development who gave me clear direction. I also had  opportunities to develop my skills and experience by working in the best hotels and hospitality properties. These chefs and teachers who trained me were generous. They were also very demanding and professional. They are my “idols”. My passion stems from all this.

2. Tesi: I have seen that you launched your own chocolate brand “Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates” What was your motivation to do that – did we not had enough good chocolate on the shelf?

Chef William: I was motivated because I love a challenge. I believed that I had the skills and knowledge to be a successful business person. Yes, there are great chocolate available to consumers. But it is similar. At SHS we were the first to conch our own cocoa. And we made Drinking Chocolate our hero product. Most chocolate companies list drinking chocolate as a minor range in their porfolio. This was, and today still is, why Sir Hans Sloane was different. Today SHS chocolates are retailed in over 700 outlets in the UK and soon to be available in the USA.

3. Tesi: The culinary world has seen many trends coming and going in the last ten years. Which trends as a pastry chef do you see emerging in the near future?

Chef William: I see a massive move towards delicious gluten-free and sugar-free Pastry and Bakery. Created with great taste. In fact I often experiment with new recipes. Hopefully I can share these results with you in the future!

4. Tesi: If I could fulfil one wish for your professional career – What would be your wish? 

Chef William: That I could share and communicate my recipes, methods and advice with the next generation of chefs. My mentors were very generous with me and it is my responsibility to continue and fully support our craft and my profession.

5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef William: Good food is natural and wholesome and made with respect by someone who loves to cook.


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