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The World Gourmet Society Festival 2015 has started


Three Michelin Starred Demon Chef Alvin Leung is the ambassador
of the World Gourmet Festival 2015

The World Gourmet Festival will start 1st March 2015 - Top restaurants across the globe offer their interpretation of the World Gourmet Society’s mission to discover new culinary landscapes in the form of a side menu.

This year the ambassador of the festival will be the three Michelin Starred Demon Chef Alvin Leung from Hong Kong.

“Discover New Culinary Landscapes” is the mission of the World Gourmet Society (WGS) and its members. To bring this mission to life WGS has worked with more than 10 top chefs to translate that mission into a side menu to be presented to the gourmet community at the second Global World Gourmet Society Festival.
WGS is a worldwide club of gourmet and food enthusiasts. The society currently numbers more than 21,000 members worldwide on LinkedIn and is the largest group of its kind. The WGS website brings a smaller and more exclusive group of food enthusiasts together and offers its members the opportunity to build a detailed gourmet profile and network with likeminded food lovers. 

The festival will not take place at one venue. The menus will be offered during four festival-weeks in restaurants around the world. Some participating restaurants are the Magazine Restaurant and its chef Emmanuel Eger in London, 2 Michelin starred Chef Edwin Vinke from De Kromme Watergang in the Netherlands and Michelin starred Chef Andreas Döllerer from Döllerer’s Genusswelten in Austria. Further festival participation comes from Italy, Portugal, the Bahamas, Germany and other countries.

A full list of all participating restaurants can be found by clicking on:

“It is my sincerest wish that all participating restaurants experience great moments when they present their dishes to their guests and for all guests to not only enjoy their dinner but also to discover a new culinary landscape. I hope that all those who download this World Gourmet Festival guide but who cannot visit a restaurant get inspired by reading about what other food cultures have to offer” says Matthias Tesi Baur, founder of the World Gourmet Society.

For more information regarding the festival, the menus and the participating restaurants please visit the website

About the World Gourmet Society:

The World Gourmet Society (WGS) is a worldwide club of gourmet and food enthusiasts that began on LinkedIn. WGS currently numbers more than 21,000 members worldwide and is the largest group of its kind. In May 2013, we launched the WGS website,, with the mission to discover new culinary landscapes from across the globe. From Michelin starred chefs to food writers, WGS members come from all backgrounds, and we encourage members to create their personalized Gourmet Profile to detail their culinary experiences for other WGS members to explore. Membership applications must be supported by other members for a membership to be approved. Our long term vision is to create a platform to support young and talented chefs and new culinary ideas.

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