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Portrait Peter Marx

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1. Tesi: Dear Peter you are an Executive Chef & Culinary Artist. Please tell me more about you and what you do?
Peter: I was born in Stockholm and was trained in early age by my father in his restaurants.
Later on when he thought I was ready he put me in to his previse favorite hotel, with his college Head chef to take me further in gastronomy, this days was novel de cuisine on the menu. By that time the hotel was number 1, 5 star luxury boutique in Sweden, It was not easy. The chef had high expectations of me and in the brigade the sous chef was from a back ground of thee star Michelin restaurant Tandris and Aubergine.
I spent 3 years and developed a good relationship with this chef and working my butt of and learn as much as possible from him as well the classic Nordic cuisine we had with the legendry Executive chef.
Late at night I had deep culinary discussion with my father when I got home about methods and technics. This day was Larousse Gastronomique my pillow and bible to learn the classic and history of fine cuisine. After that I was ready for the world from CDP to Sous chef.
And being a chef it’s a life time commitment to the passion and the creativeness of the work and its instant rewarding, hard work with adrenaline rush gets you going for more. 
As a Chef it has taken me too many places around the world to get more knowledge and develop my culinary hunger with new product in different Countries with their regional cuisines and culture until where I am today.
2. Tesi: Can you tell me more about your cooking philosophy and what you try to create for your customer?
Peter:  Make as much you can do yourself if it is curing, pickling, smoking, brining and preserving you have a great foundation for your menus. My simplicity of my Decadent Gastronomy is Bistromatic Cuisine which is based on classic cooking methods with innovative methods that reflecting on the combination of different textures of ingredients. 
Ingredients paired with elements of flavors and composition of preserved colors to enhance a well balance presented nutritious meal with full of authentic flavors from the genetic origin.  Using old school technics with the finest sourced ingredients with innovative approach to excel with all components. 
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A Gastronomic experience to my guest has to be memorable. I want my guest get an emotional felling of comfort and a visionary scene of a well created presentation of the culinary journey and the satisfied ambient and service not be forgotten.
3. Tesi: Let’s assume I would give you €200 for a dinner in Paris or €100 for a dinner in Rome. Which invitation would you confirm?
Peter: Without a question I go to Rome, find a little family run trattoria and have Mamas Cooking of the day.
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4. Tesi: Let’s talk about wine! What is your most favourite wineries and why? 
Peter: In the early eighties as a chef my interest of wines was growing as did my knowledge and taste, It becomes a big part to be able to pair wine with culinary creations to guest .
I did decide to go down to Bordeaux for a four day tour to taste there wines and cheeses By that time was my favorite wine Chateau Mouton Rothschild and I visit the vinery in Pauillac a splendid visit. Soo much history and culture as well in and Saint Emilion.
I felt I have gone back to the medieval times, warm and friendly welcome, interesting topic shared and excellent cheese paired with the wines. The passion and proudness of the vine makers was inspiring I love it and my interests grow more to learn about wine.
5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Peter: Hand selected produce from a local market, of to the butcher and the fish monger for some prime cuts and cook up a nice Bbq on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends and a few nice drops.
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur
kl Pine Seared Yellow Fin Tuna
By Peter Marx Executive Chef & Culinary Artist in Bistromatic Cuisine.
I was born in Stockholm Sweden and have travelled in 57 countries and over hundreds city’s. Europe, Asia & South Pacific as well Polynesia and held Chefs title in seven countries.
I was trained by my father from my early age how had 3 Restaurants and has been working in the Kings Palace in Vienna. My passion for food was as early from 8 years of age .
As I progress I moved in to Michelin stars Restaurants Hotels and for my rest of my stay in Stockholm like Grand Hotel & Reisen Boutique Has well Coq Roti & L'Escargo restaurants. During this time the cuisine was based on Cuisine novel fine dining & silver service. I worked with Germans, Swiss, French & Swedish chefs how are still alive today, my motto was gain as much experience as possible from the best chef in the world.
I went to London and held a position in the Claridge’s Hotel in London Piccadilly. Same high standard there, great chefs, but I didn't enjoy the weather. I was looking for a warmer climate with different produce to work with and Australia did come up in my mind.
After that I immigrated to Australia and continuing my career with Hotels like Ritz Carlton & Accor Group, but I wanted more I adventures started to take position in As Executive Chef in restaurants which become Hatted equal to Michelin star and my passion was to implement top notch cuisine in Australia, I made myself someone they can learn the finer culinary cuisine from.
As I went on we slowly developed Australasian cuisine as we had a good chose of multicultural cuisine from most parts of Asia as well a big population of Italians, I could express my past experience with the new ingredients and aromas which was available there as well we got the growers to grow the herbs, lettuce, berries & mushrooms we needed and this was the beginning of Australasian cuisine on the map.
I wanted to go more into Asia and the pacific islands and keep on learning more flavors and there style of cuisine. I ended up in Solomon Island and that was a different story a very slow developing country.
After that back to Australia and did continuing as a Consultant and acting Executive Chef, setting up restaurant, cafes, bistros and get my inspiration going again.
Fiji Island was my next destination as a Executive Chef on a beautiful place with friendly people willing to learn as did I about their cuisine and the Indian influenced of cooking.
I got an offer to go to Da Nang Vietnam to establish a restaurant and we achieved the best restaurant in Da Nang after 5 months. I did start to like Vietnam. Friendly innocent people willing to learn and they are very genuine people. And I did discover more fresh produce which I can turn into a miracle as well there craftsman’s skip I can use for my cuisine how stand out above the rest.
Next journey down south of Vietnam Nha Trang great places highly recommend this.
There I hold a position as a group Executive Chef for the Mia Resort-Sailing Club Group including two 5 star small award winning leading Luxury Boutique Resort Mia as well southeast Asia’s most famous beach restaurants and night club Sailing Club Nha Trang.
After that I had the opportunity to go to Indonesia and open The Sanchaya, Elite Luxury resort who will be the leading Luxury Resort in South-east Asia very soon. There I am using local growers who are in the process of growing organic perennial vegetables, fruits and herbs for my selection.
Plenty of Fish and Crustacean  from the local fishermen (goong goong) a delicate with the right cooking method. 
I am still experience and developing a total new concept I have named Bistromatic Cuisine.
Back to basic cooking techniques, most of my product is made on the estate using earthy material and with the highest ingredients which I can bring out the natural flavors and presentation to make my guest have a memorial experience which stands out above the rest.
Best Regards,
Peter E.F Marx
kl Seafood Fricasse
  • Travelers' Choice award winner Travelers' Choice® 2013 Winner Trip Advisor Mia Resort Nha 
  • Travelers' Choice award winner Travelers' Choice® 2013 Winne
  • Trip Advisor-Mia Resort Mui Ne
  • Certificate of Excellence 2013
  • Trip Advisor-Sailing Club Nha Trang
  • Gold Medal, Menu Degustation
  • Salon Culinary Guild of Cooks 1994 Sydney
  • Best Restaurant Award
  • Hotel & Catering Australia
  • Certificate of Excellence 2005
  • Restaurant & Catering Institute Australia
  • Certificate of Excellence 2008
  • Guinness World Records, Sydney  2004
  • Best Restaurant Award
  • Restaurant & Catering Institute Australia 2010

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