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Portrait Dino Joannides

(Photo: Kris Kirkham)
1. Tesi: Dear Dino, you own a butcher, a consultancy company, an IT startup and you have written a book about Italian food. Please tell me a bit more about you and what you do.
Dino: My formative years were spent living in various countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America due to the fact that my father was first a journalist and then a senior manager with Reuters. After completing my undergraduate, postgraduate education in the UK and France, I worked both as a consultant and then for three North American headquartered technology companies. For the last 14 years I have been involved with a number of Software start up companies . I have been extremely fortunate to date to have been exposed to many epicurean delights, countries , cultures and peoples!
Today largely thanks to my work I get the opportunity to continue to eat and travel around the world. When at home in London I enjoy cooking and shopping for excellent ingredients . I tend to have a small number of favourite restaurants but continue to try new ones too. My passion for good food has led to become a shareholder and non executive with food and wine related businesses. I have also written a book on Italian Food and Ingredients "Semplice" to be published by Random House in 2014.
2. Tesi: When it comes to Italian food there is pizza and pasta…. Anything else?
Dino:  So much more, you need to read my book.
 (Photo: Kris Kirkham)
3. Tesi: Please tell me more about the different cuisines in Italy and their origin. Where does Italian food as we know it comes from?
Dino: Again this is fully covered in my book where I talk about origins and influences.  Many invaders  and migrants have brought things to what today is the Italian nation state. Without the Germanic tribes there would be no cured meat , without the Arabs no rice or pasta and so on.
4. Tesi: Let’s say I invite you for dinner on a budget of €300 in my home country Germany or on a budget of €150 in Italy. Which invitation would you accept?
Dino: I would like both , but if I have to choose it would be Italy as I can eat “Germanic” food in Bolzano and wonderful regional cooking made with superb ingredienst everywhere else on the mainland and Islands. I know gastronomic Italy better which is also a factor. Saying all that I adore traditional German cooking and Germany has some of the finest fine dinning establishments in the world along with France , Italy and Japan.
5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Dino: 70% is about top ingredients with know provenance 30% is about the execution.
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur
Alongside my career in the TMT & F&B sectors I have found time to become a food writer and cook with a passion for ingredients . I am also very interested in the politics and economics of food/wine. My first food book Semplice : Real Italian Food ; Ingredients and Recipes . Preface , London , 2014 was published by Random House . I am also a member of The Guild of Food Writers.
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