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I was accidently locked in the wine cellar of Château Margaux overnight

article winecellar4
(The aging wine cellar of Château Margaux)
On June 14,2015, I joined Châteaux Margaux in celebrating 200 years of wine tradition, achievements, and the new buildings designed by Norman Foster.
To be clear, I was not actually locked in the wine cellar of Château Margaux. In reality, we were guided through Château Margaux to view the new building and wine cellars.
I would certainly not mind being locked in that cellar though with time to discover some of the great vintages of this outstanding Château! With that being said, the festivities, the wine, and the atmosphere of Château Margaux were breathtaking.
article Tesi1
(A large temporary hall was built at the backside of
Château Margaux to host the celebration dinner)
It is impressive how Norman Foster has been able to embed a modern building within a château that was built hundreds of years ago without changing the atmosphere of the estate but clearly opening a new chapter for Château Margaux. The hall of tanks and the wine cellar are presented in a modern style, but the visitor does not experience a break in the architecture when walking through the estate. The combination of buildings creates the feeling of two pages that have been written at different times but that clearly belong to the same book.
article barrel production
(The barrel production of Château Margaux)
After the tour, the sommeliers, journalists, merchants, and friends of the house could network and share their impressions of the latest vintages and new buildings by enjoying a well-selected range of white wine, champagne served with fois gras, and canapés.
article chateau1
(The front of Château Margaux)
I especially enjoyed the Château La Tour Blanche 2005 – a very balanced wine with the flavours of Château Guiraud 2005 and the complexity of Château de Rayne Vigneau 2009.
The dinner was set at the back of Château Margaux where a generous and elegant temporary hall was constructed to host the dinner. Corinne Mentzelopoulos gave the evening a warm and personal touch by welcoming the guests and honouring Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, who had been a friend to her and, sadly, passed away in 2014.
During the dinner, we enjoyed a Château Margaux 1985 and a Château d’Yquem 1988 paired with an artichoke-truffle soup and a well-crusted chicken in Corsican juice with mushrooms.
Looking back, the evening was for me a perfectly rounded reflection of values like welcoming friends, honouring tradition, and setting a precedent of the wine business for the future. I also have to say that being locked in the wine cellar would have been a nice experience!
Congratulations, Château Margaux!

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