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Portrait Château Calon-Ségur– Managing Director Laurent Dufau

In June 2015, I met Laurent Dufau – the Managing Director of the Grand Cru Classe Château Calon Ségur – to spend some time together and get an introduction to the Château‎.

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Calon Ségur is located on the border of the beautiful village of St-Estèphe‎ and is situated on 55 hectares of land surrounded by an old stone wall. The château is rooted in the vineyards. The entire estate holds a romantic, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere. Marquis de Ségur – one of the former owners and the so called “Prince of the Vineyard” – loved the château so much that he designed the label showing the château in a heart.

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Marquis de Ségur (painting at Chateau Calon-Ségur) said "I make my wine at
Lafite & Latour but my heart is in Calon"

The château has a history of 800 years of winemaking. In fact, the word “Calon” comes from the old word for flat boat. It is thought that in medieval times, a small canal existed and small boats transported the wine to the river a few kilometres away from the château.

Laurent is a lively, friendly, and very welcoming character. He clearly loves what he is doing and is connected with the château and the region. We walked for over two hours through the vineyards and estate. He gave me great insight into all aspects of Calon Ségur from its history to the current challenges.

article Laurent Dufau  Vincent Millet

(Vincent Millet & Laurent Dufau)

All the peacefulness and quiet of the château can’t distract the visitor from realizing that the château is in a fundamental process of change. In recent years Calon Ségur was bought by a new owner who is investing heavily in renovation. The wine cellar and hall of wine tanks have been dismantled entirely but will be rebuilt. The château is under heavy renovation and will open its doors next year with new tasting rooms, guest rooms, and a new garden.

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The vineyard was holding too many merlot plants and too little cabernet. Laurent is managing a program of carefully replanting big parts of the land to balance the blend and give the robustness of Calon Ségur an elegant finish. The philosophy of the replanting program is to start with young plants and let them age over the coming years, which is a goal that will take time and is likely to be finished in 2030.

Laurent is managing what is surely the largest change program the Calon Ségur has witnessed in hundreds of years, and it is great to see with how much precision, dedication, and heart blood he and his team are executing the program. The fruits of his work will influence how Calon Ségur will be seen and enjoyed in the next hundreds of years, and all enthusiasts of Bordeaux wines should watch Calon Ségur closely because of it.

Thank you, Laurent, for the great visit!
Matthias Tesi Baur

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