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Portrait Hof Van Cleve - 3 Michelin Starred Chef Peter Goossens

article Chef Peter Goossens and wife Lieve
(3 Michelin Starred Chef Peter Goossens with his wife Lieve)
1. Tesi: Dear Chef Goossens, you are the owner and chef of the restaurant Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem / Belgium. Please also tell me more about your background and the history of the restaurant.
Chef Peter Goossens: Before my work at Hof van Cleve I gathered a lot of work experience in a wide range of top restaurants. I worked at Pré Catelan, Pavillon d’Elysée and Ecole Lenôtre in Paris, at Paul Blanc in Thoissey close to Lyon and Restaurant Yzerberghoeve in Kruishoutem / Belgium. Regarding the restaurant please review the list of achievements which I will add at the end of the interview.
article Hof van Cleve sardine
2. Tesi: Some chefs discover their love for food and their gift for preparing outstanding dishes quite late, while for others it is clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. When did you discover your ability to prepare food that is far beyond the norm?
Chef Peter Goossens: I’ve always wanted to become a chef since I was little. I’ve always had a passion for food and restaurants and I’m fond of good food!
Dutch version:
Al van kleinsaf droomde ik al om chef te worden. Ik ben altijd gepassioneerd geweest voor food, restaurants en lekker eten!
3. Tesi: What is your favourite dish with less than five ingredients and why?
Chef Peter Goossens: Asparagus (with langoustines), witlof, langoustines, oysters, red meat.
Dutch version:
Asperges (met langoustines), witloof, langoustines, oesters, rood vlees.
4. Tesi: Let’s assume I pay you a flight to any place on this world but I give you only €30 to buy ingredients to cook a dinner for four friends. Where would you go and which ingredients would you buy?
Chef Peter Goossens: I think you should go to the East (Vietnam or Thailand): local market, lots of vegetables / cook on the beach with fish and seafood.
Dutch version:
Ik denk dat je voor die prijs naar het Oosten moet gaan (Viëtnam of Thaïland): lokale markt, veel groenten / op strand koken met vis en zeevruchten.
article Hof van Cleve
5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Chef Peter Goossens: Respect for nature and season, delicious ingredients treated with the utmost care, creative with a sharp eye for detail, perfect cooking and tasteful.
Dutch version:
Respect voor de natuur en het seizoen, lekkere ingrediënten met zorg behandeld, creatief met oog voor detail, perfecte cuisson en smaakvol.
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur
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Further impressions of Hof van Cleve and Chef Peter’s food creations:
article Hof van Cleve restaurant
article Hof van Cleve terrace
article Hof van Cleve SQUID-red bell pepper-piccalilly-avocado
article Hof van Cleve Nicola potato
article Hof van Cleve chocolate dessert
1992: Start of the gastronomic restaurant
1993: Golden Delta – Best Young Chef in Belgium
1994: Culinary Award – The Most Delicious Table in the Country
1994: Best Winelist – more than 1000 references worldwide
1996: The Greats of Tomorrow – Gault&Millau
1997: Best Champagne List and Médoc
1997: Zwiesel Trophy – Best Table
1998: Knight in the Order of the Black Truffle
1998: Friends of Seasonal Cuisine – Les Amis Saisonniers
2000: Master Chef of Belgium
2000-2004: Relais & Châteaux – relais gourmand
2002: Gosset-Célebris Trophy (best champagne list)
2003: Best Italian Wine List Trophy (non-Italian restaurant)
2003: Traditions & qualité – The Great Tables of the World 
2003: Support to the book “Kaas en Wijn”
2003: Best Award of Excellence – Wine Spectator
2003: Five Star Diamond Award – The American Academy
2003: Hof van Cleve “Best Sommelier of Belgium 2004” – Stijn Van der Beken
2004: Disciples of Auguste Escoffier
2004: Cookbook “Koken en Wijn”
2004: Chef of the Year– Gault&Millau Benelux
2004: Golden whisk – Knack
2005: Golden whisk – Chef of the Year – Knack restaurant guide
2005: Support to the book “Havanna’s – grand cru uit Cuba”
2005: Chef meals in supermarket Delhaize
2005: -up to now Meals of the Year – Robert Parker – The Wine Advocate
2005: Support to the book “Sterrenchefs van bij ons” – Caudelier
2006-2014: San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants
2007-2008: Museum brasserie and Museum café – Brussels
2008: Tv programme “Mijn Restaurant 1”
2008: Cookbook “België – Wereldkeuken”
2008: Advisor for the campaign of “blanc–bleu” beaf – VLAM
2008: Support to many international cookbooks
2008-2011: -up to now Weekly culinary page in “Het Laatste Nieuws”
2008: Golden whisk set with diamonds – Knack restaurant guide
2008: Restaurant Personality of the Year – Leaders’ Club
2008: Support to the book “Truffels – ‘s werelds zwarte goud”
2008: Culinary advisor “Unilever”
2009: -up to now Foundation of MNU: with Belgocatering, Sergio Herman and Roger van Damme
2009: Tv programme “Mijn Restaurant 2”
2009: Award for “Best Reality” – Mijn Restaurant 2 / VTM
2009: Tv programme “Beste Hobbykok van Vlaanderen 1”
2009: Support to the book “Een Belgisch kookboek”
2010: Man of the Year – Knack magazine
2010: Support to the book “De Essentie” – Unilever
2010: Tv programme “Mijn Restaurant 3”
2010: Tv programme “Beste Hobbykok van Vlaanderen 2”
2010-2011: Monthly column “Cheese and Beer” and “The Product” in Culinaire Ambiance
2010: Support to the book “Food & Wine”
2010: Tv programme final “Masterchef”
2010: Chairman of the jury for Belgium “Bocuse d’Or”
2010: -up to now Chocolate ambassador “Callebaut”
2010: -up to now Cookbook MNU: with Sergio Herman and Roger van Damme
2010: Foundation of the television channel Njam! with Studio 100
2010: Support to the book “De Alchemie van Liefde en Lusten” – Bo Coolsaet
2010: 4 cookbooks “The Seasons” in cooperation with ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’
2010: Culinary Personality of the Belgian gastronomy – Horeca Expo
2010: Homage medal of East-Flanders
2010: World Expo Shanghai – Head Chef on the Belgian, Flemish and Royalty days
2010-2011: Tv programme “Meesterlijke Klassiekers”
2011: Tv programme “ De keuken van de Meester”
2011: Advisor for the campaign of ‘porc chop’ – VLAM
2011: Cookbook “Meesterlijke Klassiekers” in cooperation with Njam!
2011: Cookbook MNU:2 with Sergio Herman and Roger van Damme
2011: Hof van Cleve “Best Sommelier of Belgium 2012” – Pieter Verheyde
2011: Knight of the Leopold Order
2011: Guest Chef for Redbull in Salzburg “Hangar 7” – month of July
2011: Private china “Geometry by Ann van Hoey”
2011-2012: Chef meals in business-class – KLM
2011: Support to the book “Chefs van België”
2011: Awarded as “Best Restaurant of the World” by
2011: Honorary citizen Kruishoutem
2011: Project “Cook2celebrate” for Delhaize
2012: Cookbook “Passie voor Product” in cooperation with Njam!
2012: Trophy Gault&Millau – 10 years 19.5/20 – Best Chef of Belgium
2012: Trophy Gault&Millau – Best Hostess of the Year / Lieve Goossens-Fermans
2012: Top 60 Best Restaurants in the World –
2012: -up to now Elite Traveler’s Top 100 Restaurants in the World
2013: -up to now Opinionated About Dining Top 100 European Restaurants
2013: -up to now Development of table knives together with Antoine Van Loocke
2013: Development of the restaurant’s furniture together with André Verroken
2013-2014: Ambassador for the Prosper Montagné competition
2014: Featured in “Must Eat” from Luc Hoornaert & Kris Vlegels
2014: Cooperation with Gent Jazz for tailor-made soundmix
2014: Support to the book “M.E.P.” – Unilever
2014: Support to the book “Koken-Het Handboek” – Hotel School ‘Ter Duinen’
2014: 92/100 – Belgian online restaurant guide
2014: Third Best Restaurant in the World – FOUR Magazine
2014: Foundation of Flanders Food Academy
2015: Creation of sandwich filling for Pistolet Original
2015: Provost of the Kitchen Chefs – Prosper Montagné Club
2015: Participation at event Good France
2015: Top result 100/100 from
2015: Top 25 Best Restaurants in the World –French magazine ‘Le Chef’
2015: Support to The Makers – Unizo
2015: Promotion video in cooperation with ‘Toerisme Vlaanderen’ (Flanders’ Tourism)
2015: San Pellegrino World’s 100 Best Restaurants
2015: World Expo Milan – Godfather of the food experience
2015: Support to the book “Where Chefs Eat – A Guide to Chefs’ Favourite Restaurants”
2015: Filmshoot in cooperation with The Staff Canteen
2015: N° 1 Top 60 Best Restaurants in the World –
2015: N° 1 Top 10 Belgium: 94/100 – (Belgian online restaurant guide)
2015: Guest Chef for Tomorrowland – Secret Restaurant
2015: Participation at Stockmans Blue Days
2015: Guest Chef for ‘KookEet Brugge’ (cooking event in Bruges)
2015: Classic Event XPO Kortrijk – Dolce  
1994: 1 star
1998: 2 stars  
2005-up to now: 3 stars
1993: 15/20
1995: 17/20
1998: 18/20
2000: 19/20
2004-up to now  : 19.5/20 
Knack Restaurant Guide 
4 whisks         1995 
5 whisks         1997-up to now   
De Markt / Gastromania 
1998: 16/20
2002: 19/20  
2005-up to now: Best Restaurant in Belgium
Delta Guide 
2001-up to now: 4 chef’s hats
Foodtaster ( 
2014: 92/100
2015: 94/100 (n° 1 Top 10 Belgium)  
Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide ( 
2014-up to now: 19/20  
ElizabethOnFood ( 
2015: 100/100          
Surname:  Goossens
First name:  Peter
Date of birth: 6 April 1964
Place of birth: Zottegem / Belgium
Address Restaurant “ Hof van Cleve “
Riemegemstraat  1
9770 Kruishoutem
Tel  +32 (0) 9/383.58.48
Fax  +32 (0) 9/383.77.25
Grammar  school
“ Ter Duinen “ Hotellerie school, Koksijde
Pré Catelan / Paris
Pavillon d’Elysée / Paris
Ecole Lenôtre / Paris
Paul Blanc / Thoissey
Restaurant Yzerberghoeve  /Kruishoutem

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