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Portrait The Culinary Beirut - Chef Armando Codispoti

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1. Tesi: Dear Chef Armando Codispoti, I have seen in your biography that you travelled the world and worked as a chef in many countries and places. Please let me more about you and your love for cooking.
Chef Armando: The love for the Food is something that u have inside... there is no explanation from where this talent come out!! The most important is learning the technique and I did studying in Alma (Parma) were the rector is Gualtiero Marchesi and also I have a Master in Culinary Nutrition.
I feel very lucky because my profession, make me travel the World and expand my skills to an Excellent level.
Italy, London, Spain, Bahamas, Tokyo, Kuwait, Prague, Bratislava and now Beirut... is the cities and countries  that I worked, plus many more that I visit for Stage or Culinary trips.
Is very important to become Strong and only International Experience make top Chefs.
2. Tesi: What about Beirut? Please tell me more about the culinary footprint of the city and which cuisine the gourmand can expect.
Chef Armando: Beirut is a Fantastic city.. people is really into the food and Restaurants lover the Lebanese people . They have strong taste and the woman are really into healthy and light food.. mainly I create dish were all the nutrients still there without loosing the taste and trying to don't manipulate too much. 
Soon I will have a degustation menu' based in 5 courses with only 800kcal in total. 
The Lebanese cuisine is incredibly tasting and fresh... love at the first Bite!!
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3. Tesi: What are your favourite restaurant of Beirut?
Chef Armando: My favourite restaurants in Beirut is Gavi (Italian) , Kampai ( pan Asian) and Enab (Lebanese) . All of theme really beautiful with the internal decor and amazing food
4. Tesi: … and what is your favourite Lebanese wine?
Chef Armando: It was very nice to discover the Lebanese winery and the yard were the producer are extremely professional and following the strictest rules to make from simple grapes Quality products.
My favourite red is Atibaia made in Batrun (200 years) Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot.
Regarding the White, my favorite is the Chardonnay "Chateau Ksara" Cuvée du Pape,Incredible character.
5. Tesi: Some chefs discover their love for food and their gift for preparing outstanding dishes quite late, while for others it is clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. When did you discover your ability to prepare food that is far beyond the norm?
Chef Armando: I always ask myself an important question: how I can become a good Chef? 
Well today after many years in the kitchen have only one answer: Studying and Training every Day.
Is a very hard Passion were sometimes you forget also yourself, the most important is the final result and the Happiness to create something Unique.  
My Father is the one who transmitted me this Passion. He was the one cooking in the house, I will never forget the care that he gives to the product before starting the cooking.. the way he was careful on mixing and cutting.. sometimes I saw him talking with the food!! and I'm the same... only DNA and the lucky to have a teacher like this.
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6. Tesi: What is your favourite dish with less than five ingredients and why?
Chef Armando: I have not a favourite dish, but on this period I like very much to make Asparagus (cooked on sous vide) sautéed with little Olive oil and Basil, than fresh Stracciatella cheese on top and Black truffle ... extremely tasting!! or my Blu potato Gnocchi...I can stay here and talk about dishes for months...
7. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Chef Armando: Good food for me mean: local products, top cooking techniques, colourfully but minimal presentation.
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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