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Portrait Restaurant Fleur de Sel - Alex Verhoeven

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1. Tesi: Alex, you are the owner and chef of the restaurant Fleur de Sel in Kasterlee / Belgium. Can you tell me a little bit about your restaurant?
Alex:  At our restaurant “Fleur de Sel,” we serve young international dishes. I try to not to look at other chefs or food trends but to do my own thing. I love to make food inspired by dishes from all over the world with products from our region/country. A young team brings these plates to your table with some sweet house music on in the background in a modern yet cozy interior.
2. Tesi: What is your favourite dish? Can you describe why you love that dish and the memory you connect to it?
Alex: It’s not something I would serve at my restaurant, but for me personally it’s salted bacon with potato mash with spinach and pickled small onions. It reminds me of home and that simple food can be the most beautiful food. Food is like music: the right dish/song at the right moment can remind you of the nicest things in life.
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3. Tesi: How do you create your menus, and where do you get your inspiration? Do you follow a specific method, or is it new every time you are about to create a new dish for your guests?
Alex: Creating a new menu is difficult – it’s a long term project. Creating a menu takes about a month of testing and trying. There are a lot of different requirements to make a good menu. I first select the products and then create some combinations, never forgetting the cost of food. Then I start testing and tasting with the kitchen team. After we approve a dish, we start the creative dressing of the plate. A great dish has to be a surprise, an adventure, and most of all it has to be delicious!
4. Tesi: Meeting a Belgian is…
Alex: Like meeting a new person. Often you need to look longer, deeper, and get to know the person to acknowledge the real beauty that’s inside.
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5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Alex: There isn’t a requirement for great food in my world. It can be the smallest thing, the cheapest or the most simple. The best thing about good food is that it’s not only the food that counts. It starts with your mindset, letting yourself open up to embrace the food and being open for the vision of the chef and his theory about food.
Sometimes I’d like to say to foodies to get their head out of their ass and recognize that there aren’t a lot of chefs that can’t cook. There are a lot of chefs that are very stubborn and really have their own unique vision, and when you walk into their restaurant, it’s up to you to be openhearted and try to understand it.
Thank you,
Matthias Tesi Baur
For more information, please visit: 
Restaurant Fleur de Sel
Turnhoutsebaan 189
2460 Kasterlee, België
+32 14 75 34 68

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