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Novanta - A Popup Hotel and Restaurant in Tuscany and Amsterdam

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1. Tesi: Hi guys, you run the pop up hotel “Novanta” in Tuscany. Can you please tell me a bit more about your hotel? How did you have the idea for that project and what is the philosophy behind it?
Aafke: In the summer of 2014 we blew new life into a deserted Tuscan village near Arezzo and Florence. We achieved this with a couple of entrepreneurs from Amsterdam with different backgrounds. 
The goal was to open a pop-up hotel for 90 (novanta) days: Dining at long tables, trips to local producers and finding truffles and mushrooms in the woods made it into a real experience. It turned out to be a huge success due to the beautiful natural surroundings, the peacefulness, and the liveliness of the authentic Tuscan country life.  Together with our team we offer our guests personalized service that fits within the context of the local environment. Novanta ran 2 seasons already with a lot of enthusiastic guests and fans.
2. Tesi:  I also heard about the food you offer at the hotel. Where do you source the food and what are the highlights on your menu? 
Mart & Jeroen: All our food comes from local providers. Our neighbour Fabrizio is a man that lives with his family in total isolation on a mountain top. There he has a his farm where he raised his free range cows and pigs. The animals have there one reservation where they can salvage their food (nuts, fruit, roots and so on) next to a basic diet provided by Fabrizio. After a happy and free life (they live twice as long as there cousins in the bio-industry!) they find their way to our grill. The meat that comes from these animals is exceptional and unique because of their unique diet and most important a stress free life. 
In the Italian kitchen it’s all about the quality of your ingredients. So next to our superb meat, the vegetables are an essential part of our menu. The vegetables come from different local providers but mostly from a very kind woman named Fausta. She has her field in the next valley about 5 km from our hotel. She cultivates her vegetables according to the bio-dynamic studies. In which she is a professor. In bio-dynamics one of the most important subjects is that the soil is in upmost health to insure that the products are also the healthiest. Next to this rule she doesn't use any pesticides or artificial manure. All this results in vegetables with extraordinary flavors.
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Every night we have a different menu. One of the most popular menu's is as follows:
Crostini Toscani (Chicken liver pate on homemade grilled bread)
Fiore di zucca (Fried courgette flowers filled with mozzarella or ansjovis)
Salame from Fabrizio
Homemade fresh pasta with a cream of broccoli, ansjovis, garlic and peperoncino. 
Grigliata mista (Pork, veal, wild boar and deer)
Grilled vegetables (From Fausta)
Simple mixed salad (From Fausta)
Homemade cantuccini tipped in vin Santo
3. Tesi: Tuscany is….
Igor: Paradise for foodies and a great place for adventures and experiences. We try to show our guests the natural and rougher side of Tuscany. The part of the region that produces fabulous food, has beautiful untouched nature and is very close to the amazing renaissance treasures Tuscany is famous for.
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4. Tesi: …And then you opened a pop up restaurant in Amsterdam. How did that work and why Amsterdam? 
Aafke: Yes, we’re really excited about this. On January 22 Novanta opens a three day Pop up Grill Restaurant in the amazing Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The restaurant is Tuscany style and breathes the atmosphere of Novanta: long tables, four course meal, fresh biological ingredients and lots of wine. Fabrizio, our neighbor, comes straight from the mountain in Tuscany and brings his best meat. He is the grill-master of the restaurant! 
Also, we provide our guests the possibility to buy a (part of a) pig or cow from Fabrizio's farm.
A lot of our guests come from the Amsterdam area. Instead of organizing our yearly reunion drinks with guests, it seemed like a good idea to revive the warm Novanta vibe during the cold winter here in Amsterdam by creating the Tuscan atmosphere. The basic ingredient for that is food! So, opening a Novanta pop up restaurant was a no brainer. We were fully booked for all nights within 2 days!
5. Tesi: What are the plans for 2016?
Igor: We plan to expand our operation into new parts of the village. Last year we built a treehouse, this year we will add a tent structure in the old church. We also plan to entertain our guests with new events and experiences in Amsterdam. Join us on Facebook to be the first to know!
6. Tesi: What does good food and wine means to you?
Novanta: The base for a good life ;)
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

Novanta started in 2014 as a 90 day pop up-hotel in the deserted Italian village Borgo di Gello, in Tuscany. It's an amazing place that provides the opportunity to experience a traditional and basic way of life, it shows the beauty of nature, people, local food and heritage. The simple things in life. 
Novanta is also about absorbing the authentic Italian lifestyle so off course the food and wine is provided by the neighboring farmers. We prepare the most fresh, tasty and classic dishes. Guests can join us in the kitchen as well. At Novanta we see food as a connector to the people and to nature. By connecting with local producers we can offer our guests high quality food, coming straight from the land.
The core team of Novanta is Igor Sancisi (hotel developer), Leonard Crijns (hotel manager), Mart Hijmans (foodie and tech), Aafke van der Lippe (story teller) and Jeroen Cappendijk (chef and gardener)
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