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Portrait Finca Es Fangar


1. Tesi: Dear Christian, you are the Managing Director of "Finca Es Fangar" – a wine and gourmet food producing finca on Mallorca / Spain. Can you tell me more about the finca, your daily business and the challenges to run such an enterprise?

Christian: Finca Es Fangar is an estate running many different and exciting projects. We have more than 600 ha of organic and sustainably cultivated vines, olives, almonds, carob and various fruits as well as Hanoverian horse breeding. We produce gourmet products of the highest standard from wine and oil to chilli and jams. At Es Fangar, in each of these projects, every care is taken to preserve the natural ecosystem and we all work together as a team to ensure this.

At the moment the finishing stages of the building of our new bodega (wine cellar) occupies most of my time. It is an amazing construction in which Es Fangar wine will have space to expand over the next generations. It includes state of the art designs to move the wine only by gravitational flow, and includes a tasting and event area so that people can visit us and experience the uniqueness of this project.


2. Tesi: Dear Daniel, you are responsible for to build up and look after the vineyard. It sounds like a dream that came true and a huge challenge at the same time. What was the journey so far to cultivate the finca as a vineyard?

Daniel: In 2006 I got the great opportunity to start working at Es Fangar. I was hungry for new projects and was taken away by the soil of Es Fangar together with the philosophy of the family. To create ecological and biological wines opened a new aspect to winemaking for me, a big challenge for me and my team, but yes a dream that came true.

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3. Tesi: A full bodied wine from the Mallorca. What are the conditions and how would you describe the soil that makes this wine?

Daniel: In the case of the soil from Es Fangar then the drainage of the plot is very good and it gives me great control. Es Fangar has a small production of wine, which allows us to produce high quality wines. Our red wines have an amazing high expression in the nose and great freshness in the mouth, incredible combination from Es Fangar terroir concept.

4. Tesi: You label your wine "vegan". Can you tell me what the definition of a vegan wine is.

Daniel: All our wines are elaborated with only vegetable products. Yet another big challenge, which has meant a lot of work and "surfing around", until were we stand today. We are very proud to produce wines that haven't been in contact with animal protein. The philosophy of Finca Es Fangar does not go on compromise!

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5. Tesi: What does good food and wine means to you?

Daniel: Life quality. I believe in a future with only ecological products, that for me itself is quality!


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