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Top international chefs to wow guests at 2016 World Gourmet Festival

Andy Hayler - 228 400x400

(Andy Hayler - Ambassador of the World Gourmet Festival 2016)

On 1 September 2016, the World Gourmet Festival will embark on a culinary journey around the globe to discover new and exciting gastronomic landscapes. This year, London-based food critic Andy Hayler will be the festival's ambassador while a wide range of international culinary heavyweights will share menus especially designed for the occasion.

The mission of the World Gourmet Society (WGS) and its members is to "Discover New Culinary Landscapes". To bring this mission to life, WGS has partnered with more than 12 top chefs from different countries to create a series of special menus which will be presented to the gourmet community at the second World Gourmet Festival.

This year, Andy Hayler – the only food critic to have visited every three Michelin-starred restaurant in the world – is the festival's official ambassador. On the WGS website, Andy talks about his rich fine dining experience and how different countries' unique cultures are often exquisitely expressed through their cuisine.

The festival is not limited to just one venue. In fact from September through to October, restaurants all over the world will participate in the event. Among them, true culinary heavyweights – many of them three Michelin-starred chefs – will create their own menus tailored to the occasion: In Belgium, Peter Goossens from the Hof van Cleve restaurant will give his own unique twist on the festival's theme. In Italy, Heinz Beck will share a menu inspired by the sun in his restaurant La Pergola. In Germany, Sven Elverfeld from the renowned aqua restaurant and Thomas Bühner from the esteemed la vie restaurant will contribute their interpretation of the WGS's mission. Alpine delicacies will be the focus in Austria and Switzerland from Hubert Wallner at the Saag, Tobias Funke at restaurant Fernsicht, Heiko Nieder at the Dolder Grand and many more, while top chef Tim Tibbitts from the Bahamas will offer his version of Caribbean/North American fusion cuisine at the Flying Fish. For a list of all participating restaurants, go to 

In 2014, the menus created by Austrian Chefs Andreas Döllerer (Döllerer's Genusswelten) and Thomas Dorfer (Landhaus Bacher) were so successful that a dinner was subsequently organised in London in honour of Alpine cuisine, and the event was booked out in a matter of hours. "I'm extremely curious to see which menus the chefs will come up with this year to inspire the culinary community," says Tesi Baur, founder of the WGS.

As food enthusiasts won't be able to visit all participating restaurants, they can check out the full range of menus at the dedicated festival page on the WGS website.

WGS is a worldwide club for gourmet and food enthusiasts. The society currently has over 23,000 members on LinkedIn and is the largest group of its kind. The WGS website brings a smaller and more exclusive group of food enthusiasts together and offers its members the opportunity to build a detailed gourmet profile and network with likeminded food lovers.

For more information, go to: 

Please ask us if you need any of the photos below in 300 dpi print quality.

article Amberjack marinated in white Balsamic vinegar with pomegrante snow

Restaurant: La Pergola, Rome, 3 stars
Chef: Heinz Beck
Photo: Janez Puksic
Picture: Amberjack marinated in white Balsamic vinegar with pomegranate snow

article Hof van Cleve sardine
Restaurant: Hof van Cleve, 3 stars
Chef: Peter Goossens
Photo: Jean-Pierre Gabriël

WGS logo
World Gourmet Society logo

Andy Hayler - 228 400x400
Andy Hayler, London
The only food critic to have visited all three Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide

Tesi5 kl
Matthias Tesi Baur
Founder of the World Gourmet Society
Please ask us if you need any of the photos above in 300 dpi print quality.

About the World Gourmet Society:

The World Gourmet Society (WGS) is a worldwide club for gourmet and food enthusiasts that began on LinkedIn. WGS currently has over 23,000 members worldwide and is the largest group of its kind. In May 2013, we launched the WGS website,, with the mission to discover new culinary landscapes from across the globe. From Michelin starred chefs to food writers, WGS members come from all backgrounds, and we encourage members to create their personalised Gourmet Profile to detail their culinary experiences for other WGS members to explore. Membership applications must be supported by other members to be approved. Our long-term vision is to create a platform to support young and talented chefs and new culinary ideas.

Contact details:

Matthias Tesi Baur (Founder of the World Gourmet Society)

Twitter: WGS_Tesi

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