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Childhood Memories, Smoke, Flames and Michelin Stars


(Photos by P-A Jorgensen)

What connects us all at World Gourmet Society is our passion for the culinary art, for chefs who have a story to tell, fresh produce farmed with the greatest care and the magnificent creations which ultimately tickle our taste buds with well-composed textures and flavors. This passion, which crosses borders, to me has become a quest and journey to other countries and cities, meeting people who share this passion.


My latest journey has taken me to Stockholm, Sweden. Reindeer, bear and moose as well as the local fish soup are only some of the creations, which have found their way from the traditional cuisine to the contemporary minds of local chefs. One particular story of chefs culinary journey I would like to share with you today.

article 011 Ekstedt MathiasNordgren-1800x2705 2

(Photos by P-A Jorgensen)

This story is the one of Niklas who grew up in the little village of Järpen in Jämtland in northern Sweden. During his education as a chef he had been taught that his region of origin was not the right place to look for good ingredients. His passion for international produce culminated in his first restaurant featuring molecular cuisine from an asparagus cloud to deep-fried rice paper. The well-known TV chef's image could hardly be any better established, but on the inside he felt lost and the urge to return to his roots. Remembering his childhood days he made a fire outside his summer cottage from fresh wood and put a cast iron pan on the flames. As the fire hissed and crackled he remembered how the fire became the family kitchen for the summer during his childhood. The Swedish National Library became his source for recipes from the 18th century before electricity was invented. That time, his childhood moments and his northern Swedish origins became the soul of his Stockholm Restaurant Ekstedt.

article EkstedtEld-1800x2130 2

(Photos by P-A Jorgensen)

When entering the restaurant the pleasant smell of well-composed smoke and the flickering flames from the open kitchen warm up ones face and create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which brings back childhood and boy scout memories. The seat I was assigned overlooked the kitchen with its fire pit, wood fired oven, wood stove and two smoke chambers. The chefs use age-old techniques and only the freshest produce to create dishes so unique in smell and taste that amongst guests memories arise, which had long seemed forgotten.

article Butter-fried-in-a-hot-cast-iron-pan-with-tartar-of-smoked-reindeer-heart--PA-Jorgenssen-768x512 2

(Photos by P-A Jorgensen)

As part of the four- or six-course menu such beautiful creations can be found as dried reindeer, leek, vendace roe and charcoal cream, the juniper baked turbot with new potatoes and mushroom, the smoke box Swedish pork of the hay-flamed sweetbread, cabbage and sorrel. The menu for SEK 1090.- (6 courses) or SEK 890 (4 courses) is not overpriced and fills your stomach. Don't miss out on their own sourdough bread – the dough has been with Ekstedt since their opening. There is a wine pairing on offer. Although there is officially no beer pairing, the staff gladly help guests select amongst a wide selection of local craft beers.


#1 Matthias Tesi Baur 2016-10-27 07:11
Great Article. Would love to read more from that region!

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