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Four hands and only the freshest ingredients

article gastrologik.Portrait Jacob Anton

On my latest Stockholm trip my friend Maria from San Franciso told about one of the most spectacular culinary experiences "ever, ever, ever" and was on the phone getting a reservation for the two of us a second later. She spoke of Gastrologik by Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Holmström. Yes, we had the most amazing dinner, but the outstanding quality of the ingredients and two head chefs working at the same time side by side left me curious as to the secrets behind Gastrologik. My chance to as all the questions I have, came just a few hours later.

When did the the two of you come up with the idea for your own restaurant?

Ever since we were at school we wanted to create a restaurant of our own. We knew exactly what we wanted it to be but it turned out to be quite a while until we could see the final result. In the end we used our joint experiences and created Gastrologik. The stage was there, the audience as well – our concept was right on time, even if that was never the idea. But it was logical.

article gastrologik Diver scallops kale flowers and pork fat

If the concept was right on time that would imply ingredients with a well-known origin and a love for fresh produce?

Exactly. The philosophy behind Gastrologik is to focus on the ingredients, in close cooperation with producers and suppliers. We want to surprise you, as our guest, and we put as much effort in finding the best ingredients as in refining them. By us it is the quality, as well as the range and supply, not the demand, which guides us when choosing the ingredients. The yellow onions are as much of value as the truffle. It is not nature, which evaluates in terms of good or bad, it is you and me. Because of that, Respect and Honesty are two of our defined catchwords. It means that we can always honestly say that we are working with the best ingredients available for the day and that we never choose or distinguish due to conventions or main-streaming.

Hence, there is no fiexed menu, guests are in for a surprise and you as chefs don't know in advance what you're going tob e cooking?

Yes, neither you, nor us, working at the restaurant knows what tonight´s menu will include. It is always a question of the best possible ingredients available this particular day, what our suppliers can offer and the skills and craftsmanship performed in the kitchen. This is why we do, not provide a regular menu. Every guest is unique, as is every dish. This – as our name says - is logical.

article gastrologik Pork skin with algues and nettles

You have received many prestigious awards, time to sit back and relax?

Not at all. Although we have been at it for a while now and the fact that we have received some prestigious awards, the idea is still to develop the concept to even further enhance the experience. This is our main objective. For us it is not business to run a restaurant of our own, it is a way of life. We want to work as close to nature and as regional as possible, that is why we pick up our ingredients ourselves from our suppliers. We love to be present where creation begins and that is why we pick up our milk from small and local farmers in the region and why we, on our knees, pick our herbs at Rosendals Trädgård. That way we can much easier understand the work behind the products as well as being given ideas and information from our suppliers. That is the way it should be, they are the true enthusiasts who always surprise. We ask for pikeperch but end up with cod.

Any plans for expansion?

Actually, we had in fact thought of starting two separate restaurants, but with our philosophy, four hands are better than two. We are each other´s supplement, we are good in different areas but we share the same influence and vision.

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