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Portrait - Joe Barza - Chef and Culinary Consultant from Lebanon

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1. Tesi: Dear Joe, you are the Chef, TV presenter and Culinary Consultant from Beirut in Lebanon. Can you please tell me about you and your culinary journey?

Chef Joe Barza: I used to be a bodyguard then the man I used to work for passed away, and so I decided to change fields. Therefore, I went into the culinary arts because it brought me peace, body and soul moreover it was my passion from the beginning.

I started my own business in 2010. It all began when people started to ask me to create menus for them. The demand grew so I felt it was time to widen the concept and give this opportunity to others as well. My reputation was already out there so as soon as I launched the company it picked up right away.



2. Tesi: I have seen on your website that you are presenting the Middle East version of Top Chef. How would you describe the Middle East and Lebanese culinary developments at the moment?

Chef Joe Barza: Lebanon is a very hot destination for food. I believe that I am one of the many Chefs that is constantly trying to introduce and spread the Lebanese Culture and agriculture in the World as you have seen in Monaco. Top Chef TV show encouraged Chefs in the Middle East to be proud and want to work in this field. This show imposed the respect of the field on the audience.

3. Tesi: What is your favourite dish and whish memories do you connect with the dish?

Chef Joe Barza: Sayadiyeh (Rice and Fish) is one of my favorite dishes. I come from Tyr a city located on the sea, my ancestors were fishermen and so on every occasion we use to celebrate by feasting on this dish.

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4. Tesi: Beirut is...

Chef Joe Barza: Beirut is the best culinary city, it has an interesting and unique culture, the citizens are full of life and joy.

5. Tesi: Chef Barza, what does good food mean to you?

Chef Joe Barza: good food is a reflection, it shows how passionate the person cooking it is and their love towards cuisine. This is why I believe that all mothers serve amazing food to their children.

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

Biography Joe Barza:

Master Chef Joe Barza has over 25 years of experience and has helped raise the profile of the Middle Eastern Cuisine and Chefs. He is known as the rebel chef who revived the Lebanese cuisine that has been stagnant for many years by combining local ingredients in unconventional ways in order to create new trend setting revolutionary dishes that have become his trademarks. Chef Barza has earned award after award in international culinary forums where he has represented his country with pride and honor. In addition to being Founder and Chef Consultant of Joe Barza Culinary Consultancy, he is a member of the Academie Culinaire de France, The President of the Lebanese Chefs Association and on the organizing committee of the Lebanese Salon Culinaire HORECA. The consultant of GET GROUP in Qatar, Waldorf Astoria in Ras Al Khaimah, Hilton in Jordan, as well as many more. Chef Barza has participated and hosted a number of TV shows and programs.

We shouldn't forget to mention that he took part in many International events such as, Le Festival de Mougins, Slow Food in Terra Madre, Six Senses in Maldives, Dubai World Hospitality Championship, CIA in California, La Route des Etoiles in Portugal, Sydney International Food Festival and many more...

Chef Joe Barza has traveled across the world working hand by hand with some of the biggest names in Culinary Arts such as Frederic Anton, Gerald Passedat, David Higgs, Guillaume Gomez, ...


  • Head of Delegation: Bocuse D'Or
  • Head of Delegation: coupe du monde de la patisserie
  • Head Delegation: Bakery world Cup
  • Amongst the 60 top Chefs of the Culinary Institute of America
  • Iron Chefs program on MBC
  • Head Chefs at les 6 eme Jeux de la Francophonie
  • Nominated amongst the top 10 Chefs in The Middle East in Caterer Middle East Power List.
  • Honor Judge at the Salon Culinaire in Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait...
  • Co-host at Emmy Awards winning television show "top chef," Middle East
  • Ambassador of Fairy Product
  • Ambassador and Brand image of NKD Pizza


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