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London Nightlife Update - Hyde Kensington

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1. Tesi: Dear Andrea, you are the marketing manager of the cocktail bar Hyde  in London. Can you please tell me about the concept, the idea and background of your location?

Andrea: Hyde Kensington is the bringing together of exquisite food, divine cocktails in a surrounding filled with award winning artwork. A restaurant and cocktail bar that transforms into a party venue at night situated directly opposite Kensington Palace. We host private parties and corporate events at Hyde Kensington also.

2. Tesi: What is special about London. What can people find here what they can't find in Paris, Madrid or Berlin?

Andrea: every place has it's own heritage and London is unique in its own way. The Royal family are a prominent figure and being next door to Hyde Kensington in a central location when you walk out of the door you feel a tourist every time even if you are familiar with London.

3. Tesi: Working in a London bar means you must have witnessed unusual situations. What was the most outstanding evening you remember and why?

Andrea: We recently hosted a HROWEN event where they brought one of their limited edition Lamborgini cars (1 of 4 created) and parked it a directly outside Hyde Kensington. This bought traffic to a standstill. Meanwhile on the inside our mixologist created drinks that did the opposite with the bar and drinks were free flowing all night.


4. Tesi: Kensington is...
(Please complete the sentence)

Andrea:...the home of royalty and Hyde Kensington belongs here to provide food, drink and entertainment to match.

5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Andrea: At Hyde Kensington we do not settle for good food but great food. Having ingredients of the finest quality being made by some of the best chefs in the country is how to create food that is considered to be exquisite

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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