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Interview Willi Klinger - Austrian Wine

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1. Tesi: Dear Willi, you are the Managing Director of the organization "Austrian Wine Marketing" that promotes Austrian wine in the world. Can you please tell me about your daily job and the organization you are working for?

Willi: We are Austria's generic wine marketing board, founded in 1986 to tackle the image loss after the wine scandal of 1985. It took us 20 years to make the new quality orientated strategy successful, but in the last 10 years our export graph looks as impressive as those of the most dynamic wine producing countries of the so called "New World". Our team consists of 23 people that acts according to a very sophisticated marketing plan and a top-down strategy always highlighting the best possible products.

2. Tesi: What is special about Austrian wine. How would you describe the character of the wine that is coming from your country?

Willi: Firstly, we have a very special, continental climate that combines great natural maturity of the grapes with a typical cool climate acidity. That is unique in the world and gives our wines a typical vinous and at the same time refreshing taste. We are definitely one of the best sources for great white and sweet wines, but nowadays we are equally successful with our indigenous reds. And secondly our very skilled small scale family businesses have turned out to be real power cells of high quality wine producing. Today Austria is definitely one of the most exciting rising stars in the international wine business.

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3. Tesi: Working in the wine business means you must have witnessed unusual situations. Please tell me about a situation you remember when somebody was deeply surprised about Austrian wine.

Willi: The most spectacular moment was clearly the unveiling of the results of the "London Tasting of 2002" after the elite of London wine experts had blind-tasted 18 Austrian top Grüner Veltliners and Chardonnays from vintages 1990 – 2000 against 18 of the most famous wines from Burgundy, Italy, Switzerland, California, Australia and New Zealand. The 4 best rated wines and 7 out of the top 10 came from Austria. I think that was a milestone on our way to international acclaim.

4. Tesi: Austrian wine is....

Willi: something you cannot live without once you have gotten to know it.

5. Tesi: What does good food and wine mean to you?

Willi: They are the two best things in life!

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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