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Portrait - Chef David Sosson - The president of Qatar Culinary Professionals

article David Sosson Photo

1. Tesi: Dear Chef David, you are the president of Qatar Culinary Professionals. Please also tell me more about your background and your organisation.

Chef David Sosson: QCP has been Found in 2014, it's one of the smallest, yet steadily growing and active chefs association within the Middle East. Incorporated onto the World Chefs association and already participated to several international activities and competitions.

Our mission is to provide chefs with the necessary tools to advance in their career while creating a network of chefs from the region multi-unit foodservice operations. Networking opportunities is taking place oftenly at some of the region's largest events like gulf food or other events that we organize like the Salon Culinaire during HQ Qatar.

There are around 26 events who delivered by QCP, their Chefs and corporate members yearly as we believe that together we are stronger to succeed in our Industry

2. Tesi: Everybody knows Qatar as a state of oil business. Tell me more about the culinary side of Qatar.

Chef David Sosson: Culinary Scene in Doha has only a recent history due to the recent strong and fast development mainly due to the oil business and the upcoming Football world cup 2022.
Doha is a Global destination for Epecurian with a multi cultural cuisines, dinning and events which are increasing year to years.

Initially there were only a handful of fine dining options, but now with the range of international restaurants and Hotels opening up, Doha has some amazing options that cater to various tastes and flavors.
You can choose from Celebrity Chefs restaurants to huge variety of Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, and from everywhere in a Globe... You can indulge in a variety of authentic cuisines in some of the most beautifully styled restaurants and there are also a number of eateries and stand alone restaurants where you can sample delicious dishes on a budget.

article Seascallops  king prawn marinated in fresh herbs  with Oscietre caviar

3. Tesi: What are the best restaurant in Qatar that should not been missed during a visit?

Chef David Sosson:
Steak House: Prime by Intercontinental the city
Asian: Nobu at Four Season
French: Edam By Alain Ducasse at The Islamic Museum of Art
Oriental: many restaurants around the Doha souq
Italian: Lo Spaguetto in Al Saad
Pastries: La Cigale Hotel
Brunch: Hotel Kempisky, Four Season and Shangri La
Turkish: Sukar Pasha Ottaman Lounge at the Cultural village Katara
Thai: Isaan at the Grand Hyatt Doha
Chinese: Shangai Club at the Shangri-la
Fish and Seafood: L'wuzaar at the Cultural village Katara
Brasserie: Belgium Café at the Intercontinental West Bay
Qatari: Nassayem contemporary Qatari restaurant at the Diplomatic Club
Armenian: Mamig at the Cultural village Katara
And many more.....

4. Tesi: What is your favourite dish with less than five ingredients and why?

Chef David Sosson: Steamed Brittany Spider crab served chilled with Mayonnaise and rye bread because of Simplicity, heritage and quality (see below)

article Sour Tomato soup with rolled spinach fish mousse 1

5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef David Sosson: 3 Words to define good food and my culinary world

Simplicity – As a small child I distinctly remember my Grandmother in the kitchen of her small house in our village of Mauron, in Brittany France. With its French windows looking onto her herb garden and the pastures and mountains beyond, this was her Kingdom. I would watch fascinated as she fussed over simmering pots, and whatever she may have been baking in her old wood oven with its heavenly aromas.
This was before the days, at least in our small village, of vast supermarkets where you could buy whatever produce you wanted regardless of the season.
Grandmother would cook with whatever was fresh, and most importantly, in season. This was my first lesson in simplicity, good cuisine can only be as good as the ingredients will allow, and good ingredients demand the respect only simplicity and honesty can provide.
Now, after years as a Chef, the memories and lessons learned in Grandmother's kitchen still hold true. I try at all times to keep my cooking methods simple, even old fashioned, harking back to the days when quality and tradition were more important than time.

Heritage – My little village of Mauron, with just three thousand people, was surrounded by pastures and rising mountains of thick forests.
My Grandmother and Mother cooked with whatever was around and in the village market, fresh wild game, farm vegetables, local cheeses and wines, not fine cuisine to be sure, but simple country fare that France is justifiably famous for.
This was the heritage I carried with me when I first entered cooking school, and the heritage I called upon over my years as a Chef De Parti, Sous Chef, and now, Executive Chef. This was a heritage of good unpretentious ingredients treated with love and respect.
At cooking school I discovered another heritage that has also served me well, the long heritage of centuries of classic French cuisine. It was drummed into me, there is a correct way to peel onions, and an incorrect way, and only the correct way will do. And so, like so many other chefs through the ages, slowly I learned the secrets of a well guarded tradition.

Quality - Again, I must return to my childhood in Mauron, and to the values of my Grandmother – one must know the origin of the products one is cooking with, and one must respect those origins. In France of course, with its long tradition of village markets full of local farm products, that was easy. Abroad when I started to travel so it seemed, it was not so easy.
Not so easy that is, until I searched, discovered and adapted in each country I visited with their mountains sea or forest. Most of the time it was astonished like in Mauritius, and more than a little pleased, to find myself surrounded by acres and acres and beautifully grown organic fruits and vegetables, tended by farmers proud of their produce, and proud of the way it is grown. Needless to say, this is what you are eating in the fine dining restaurant world class fruits and vegetables, locally grown, and tended with love and honesty, what a joy.
Our seafood too was locally sourced from the fisherman villages. Working with local suppliers, I worked hard to ensure not only the finest quality and freshness, but also that only traditional and eco-friendly fishing methods are used.

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

Biography Chef David Sosson:

Qatar Culinary Professional president (QCP) - Hospitality Manager & Executive Chef David Sosson

Position: Hospitality Manager & Executive Chef

Nationality: French

I am from Brittany, France.
I worked for several restaurants and hotels within the region, including 'Patrick Jeffroy ( 2 star Michelin restaurant) before moving to Scotland for nearly 4 years years, I was attached to the famous French Bistrot restaurant "Pierre Victoire" in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I also spent a year working the deluxe cruise ship covering the Caribbean and Bermuda in company of renowned 3 star Michelin chef Michel Roux during the opening of the "Mercury".
In 1998, I joined the Inter-Continental Hotel, Abu Dhabi as the Chef of the renowned fine dining French restaurant "Chez Jacques" and did the opening of the Mediterranean restaurant "Ninety Degrees (90º)".

In 2001 I have been appointed as executive chef in Carcosa Seri Negara boutique hotel for 4 years as well awarded best personality chef in 2004 for Hospitality Asia where few French Celebrity Chef came to join him for few promotion like Chef Eric Frechon from Hotel "Le Bristol in Paris (3 star) and Jean Yves Gueho from Nantes(1 star)

I then open "THE VICEROY BALI" awarded best Fine Dining restaurant 2005 in Bali majestically situated in Bali's "Valley of the Kings" an appellation given by locals for the generations of Balinese royalty.

2006 & 2007 turn it as a good experience in the pure tradition of Swiss and international cuisine with Moevenpick Resort and Casino Morocco in Tangier followed by 3 years for "Moevenpick Resort and Spa Mauritius, both as Executive Chef.

In August 2010 opportunity rised to join as Head of culinary & executive chef within large operation among Aspire Zone Foundation in Doha, Qatar
Since January 2014 I am managing the AL Hospitality.

I am specializes in contemporary French cuisine with emphasis on freshness and flavours from herbs and natural products.



  • Viceroy Bali - Best Bali New Fine Dining Restaurant 2005
  • Platinum Trophy Award for "Best Personality Chef", at the Hospitality Asia 2003-2004 event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Carcosa Seri Negara Best Asian luxury boutique hotel Award by Andrew Harper Magazine in 2004

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