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Introduction of Tuscany as a culinary region

Tuscan countryside

Tuscany has long been known for its culinary prowess, in fact, that prowess stretches back through the centuries. This special edition of the World Gourmet Society newsletter is dedicated to taking a closer look at some of the work that has been happening in this well-known region of Italy, and the passionate people behind that work.

Long-time WGS member, Armando (Andy) Cristofori moved from his adoptive home of Australia to return to the land of his birth in November 2016, to his new home town of Florence, and has been delighted to meet some very talented gourmands and chefs in his short time there.
It is this experience that has inspired this special edition. As well as some talented professionals from the dynamic food industry, he has also met the two other members of the editorial team who have compiled this edition – Italian journalist/food critic, Marco Gemelli, and Australian/Canadian photographer/blogger, Sandy Swanton.

Dining in

As with much that is happening in Italy these days – and particularly in Tuscany – many Italians are working side by side with expats, as a combined celebration of la dolce vita!
Importantly, Andy also leads marketing activities behind the exciting World Gourmet Society Best Plate Challenge in Italy and beyond. There are more details inside to inspire you – and we urge you to enter the challenge.

"The first videos have already been received from chefs in Italy, France, Belgium, and Brazil, with chefs in Bangladesh, Mexico, the USA, and Israel almost ready to submit. But we know that there are many more chefs around the world who could take part. I look forward to hearing from you, either with your questions about the Challenge, or to receive your submission before the deadline of 30 September 2017."
So, I hope you will enjoy this special edition as together we learn more about what is happening in Tuscany in 2017.

Matthias Baur
President & Founder
World Gourmet Society

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