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Portrait Eva Sinosini

Eva Sinosini

Today, it is easy to meet her at food and wine festivals in Florence and around the world, often invited as a food and wine writer, or as a judge or facilitator in cooking shows. Yet Eva Sinosini, co-founder of the brand 'Excellent Gusto' is also often found delivering speeches at universities, educating students of the intricacies of food and wine branding, and the internationalisation of the 'Made in Italy' culinary movement.
After graduating in Economics and Management of Food and Wine Tourism in Florence, Eva earned her MBA at the University of Sydney Business School and began working in marketing for multinationals such as General Electric and Novartis.

At the same time, she became a sommelier – "Life is like a good wine, it grows old and makes you smile," says Eva, who cultivates a great passion for local kitchens and new recipes.
Her journey has led her to create the Excellent Gusto brand (ExG) with her mother, Cristina, and preside over the International Scientific Committee.
Established in Florence, the brand collaborates with some of the world's best chefs and several academies, such as the University of Florence, the European University Institute, and the Italian Academy of Arts and Culture in United Kingdom.
Eva currently promotes internationally 'Italy and its cuisine, tradition and innovation, through Excellent Gusto International Online Magazine and a series of tours.
The Magazine, in Italian and English, was created in partnership with the University of Sydney, the European Design Institute, and the International Comics School in Florence. "Readers can find stories featuring Italian taste and lifestyle, also exploring other countries, recipes typical of the region's specific traditions, and recipes created together with famous chefs and other VIPs," explains Eva.

Chef Massimo Bottura and Eva Sinosini Pricipal of Excellent Gusto

Since 2013, Eva has coordinated 17 food and wine events in Italy, the UK, Australia, and Monte Carlo. In Florence, Excellent Gusto organises the Florence Wine Event, The State of the Union, and the Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region. In addition, the International Scientific Committee of Excellent Gusto selects the best Italian food and wine products, and qualifies them as 'Italian Jewels'.
After years of promotion of quality Italian food and wine in Italy and abroad, Excellent Gusto will open the first ExG Risto-Store (restaurant + store) in the historic centre of Florence, near the historic food area of Sant'Ambrogio Market – an area recognized by food and wine tourists.

The President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano and Eva of Excellent Gusto at the event  Il Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano e Eva di Excellent Gusto allevento

This is the first 'boutique of taste' of ExG, which enhances the Tuscan and Italian food and wine heritage and educates all guests. Recipes made with ExG's 'Italian Jewels' quality products are sold in-store and are available online through the Magazine. In store, visitors can learn food culture through the cooking school, video screens, workshops, and cooking show. Guest chefs and journalists, tastings, and live demonstrations in the presence of farmers who cultivated the products are all features to be enjoyed.
Eva continued, "ExG wants to respond to the needs of consumers – Italians and foreigners – to nourish themselves, to understand the excellence of the territories and the quality of the products made in Italy by small and medium-sized companies of excellence. It is proposed to roll out the Italian Risto-Store format to Australia and other countries in the coming years."

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