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Love Italian: Italian language and food excellence


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In the midst of the promotion of the Emilia Romagna region and its cultural and culinary identity, the non-profit organisation Bologna Connect has recently launched Love Italian, a project that brings together language learning, culture, and food experience.
Emilia Romagna, and particularly Bologna, are a honeycomb of hidden treasures that need to be seen, and discovering them can be an demanding task. It requires a little time and an open curiosity, tempting you to discover a few places the travel guidebooks won't take you.

Love Italian was developed to help you get off the beaten path while learning Italian in Bologna.
As a student, you stay in private accommodation next to your teacher's house, while an international team of teachers, writers, food experts and longtime friends make sure you feel at home as you experience the local culture.

In the belief that learning Italian should be an all-round experience, Love Italian ensures you don't miss the biggest attractions because of your assignments. That's why daily Italian classes are always followed by walking tours of the city and the discovery of local cuisine. And when you feel like you want to get out of the city to see some of the surrounding areas, Love Italian takes you on full-day excursions to discover some of Italy's most beautiful spots, or to appreciate the green hills of the open countryside around Bologna. Needless to say, food culture plays a central role in the project.
A region globally renowned for its agri-food excellence, Emilia Romagna is a food lover's paradise. From its expertly made pastas to its carefully cured meats to balsamic vinegar that's been made in the same way for centuries, Emilia-Romagna food is considered by many to be the culinary heart of the country. Importantly, you should expect a completely different culinary experience depending on which area or city you're visiting.

Along with Emilia Romagna, Bologna's identity is anchored in food culture. It's no coincidence that "La Grassa", (the Fat City), has become one of the ways people refer to the city.

Love Italian gives you the chance to delve into Emilia Romagna's food culture and its high-quality products.
Typical restaurants, vineyards, cellars and ham factories are some of the treasures that the project seeks to reveal to its students.
You'll quickly feel caught up in the magic of the region and its long-standing culinary tradition.

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