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A Scuola di Gusto — Where passion and practice go hand in hand in Bologna

article Scuola di gusto

Since 2010, a Scuola di Gusto has been delivering highly professional training dedicated to cooking, the world of food service, and to every activity connected to food.

The school prides itself on its classes, passing on techniques and knowledge — on both a professional and recreational level — about Mediterranean cooking and Italian traditional recipes which are appreciated all over the world.
In a Scuola di Gusto programs, passion, tradition, innovation, and experimentation are ingredients characterizing each course, offering an innovative reference point of gastronomic trends.

Thanks to a Scuola di Gusto, many job opportunities have been created for young people and many companies are delighted they have staff from the school.
Between the wide cooking laboratory and in the formation classrooms, the school has already offered more than 160 types of courses and welcomed more than 2000 participants.

In recent years, the school has established an important project of cooperation with Italian and foreign companies, introducing its own education services and class activities as a benefit for employees. Offering team building and team cooking, the skills of leadership, group management, and project management are facilitated through the social activities of cooking together.
Through the years, many participants at the school have been foreign visitors who wanted to learn how to create fresh Bolognese pasta, pizza, and sweets from our region.


A Scuola di Gusto, located in Via Cesare Gnudi 5, near the historic centre of Bologna, offers a laboratory equipped with modern professional equipment, a library, and facilities.
The teaching team is formed by Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Bakers, Pizzaioli, Maître D's, and territory experts, selected for the matured experience and the passion in spreading cooking knowledge.
There are only two requirements to participate in classes — passion and creativity!

By Angela Lazzaroni

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