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Review Restaurant WART Hünenberg

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1. Tesi: Dear Peter, you are the owner of the restaurant WART Hünenberg in Zug/Switzerland which just opened in 2017. Please also tell me more about your background and the philosophy of the restaurant.

Peter Egli: We are lucky having some of the best farms in Switzerland in close proximity to us. We work very regionally. In addition to milk and eggs, we even get a unique Jersey Joghurt from the region. Of course, meat and fish also comes from the surroundings. If there is something we do not get than it is nevertheless from Switzerland. In addition to the focus on the products, we celebrate a very modern weilkitchen. Nose to tail and leaf to root are our standard. With the wines we focus on Europe. Mostly on small and selected wineries whose names are partly still unknown. With this we try to set new standards.

2. Tesi: Everybody is talking about France, Italy and Spain when it comes to good restaurants. What is different in the gastronomic scene in Switzerland compared to these countries?

Peter Egli: Since we live in a 3-language country, we are of course influenced by Italy and France. Additionally Swiss people travel a lot, so we are culinary well informed, what is going on in the world. However we are lucky that our raw materials are produced in high quality and in some cases very sustainably. We therefore have many regional dishes with variable interpretations. It is also nice to visit the different cantons of Switzerland because you can always learn something new and get some inspiration.

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3. Tesi: Dear Sebastian, some chefs discover their love for food and their gift for preparing outstanding dishes quite late, while for others it is clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. When did you discover your ability to prepare food that is far beyond the norm?

Sebastioan Rabe: In my childhood cooking at home and at my friend's place has always played a big role.
Many of my memories of this time have something in common with food. When I was a little boy I was standing in the kitchen with my mother, having a snack, trying to help and always tasting new things with the grandmothers of my friends (who came to Germany from Russia and Poland).
I did not suspect at that time that I would become a chef myself, and I certainly not planned it.
I have always been creative, have had a great interest in art. I started early to draw, to paint and I wanted to study art.
The decision to learn the cooking profession came only two years before graduation.
During an internship I got in contact with the profession for the first time and realized that I enjoyed it a lot and that I also had a bit of talent.
After my apprenticeship I went directly to Hamburg, where I was allowed to work in a gourmet restaurant with one star.
Here the job became more than just a job for me. It became a way of life. Something you just have to love to do it.
Today it's my way of expressing myself and being creative. An 'art form' that allows me to touch our guests and let them share my thoughts and ideas.

4. Tesi: What is your favourite dish with less than five ingredients and why?

Sebastian Rabe: My favourite dish? Sourdough bread, butter and fleur de sel with luscious tomatoes.
Defining only one favourite dish is very difficult for me. I love food and I love honest products which are pure and simply in combination just great.
Like oven-fresh bread with butter, salt and fresh tomatoes from our own garden.

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5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Peter Egli: For me, good food is emotion pure. Combined with nice people, good food is an absolutely vital part of my life

Sebastian Rabe: Good food, these are memories, moments, emotions for me.
Looking back, the best food in my life i had, were not the best products in posh restaurants, but mostly simple dishes combined with the right mood.

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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