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Gothenburg Food Summit visit


Just arrived in Gothenburg for the World Food Travel Association Summit. As it is the day before the conference I decided to create my own culinary journey. A couple of experiences from this day I am pleased to report below.

Full of curiousity, I visited a food truck at lunch today called Strommingslucken - located in a cobblestoned corner off of Magasinsgatan I was surprised and delighted to see the number of locals having a quick lunch here. I have seen food trucks in North America but was curious to know just what the concept would look like on the narrow cobblestone streets of Gothenburg! I was impressed. The food, as the name in Swedish would suggest, was herring crusted with mustard and horseradish and served with warm mashed potatoes. Polished off with a can of lemon infused spring water and striking up a conversation with a principal from Gothenburg - a truly memorable experience! I thought that a truck parked on a street would look out of place - not so, it was very unobstusive and seemed quite popular. The food was tasty too.


After speaking to someone I met in a store in the old city, and on their recommendation, I went to Cafe Kanold on Vastra Hamngatan. The most exquisite chocolate cake was to be had - I don't think there is a single word in the English language that can fully express the flavours! Served warm with fresh cream and berries - the taste was absolutely amazing (I hesitate to use even these words as they don't even come close to communicating the rich flavours in this cake!) A lovely place too - charming atmosphere as well - if in Gothenburg I highly recommend this place.

The journey continues tomorrow with the actual conference. Thank you for letting me share my experiences today.



#2 Wendy Lange-Faria 2013-10-01 16:16
Yes, I forgot to mention all of the lovely snacks and Swedish cookies.

The venue was perfect for the Summit event - unfortunately we didn't have a chance to meet there!
#1 Triin Luik 2013-09-29 15:47
Gothenburg is a great place for food lovers - especially for those who love small snacks and swedisch "fika".

I was at the World Food Travel Summit aswell and must say, that it was a perfect location for this kind of event.

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