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Portrait Chateaux Rollan de By


1. Tesi: Dear Julie, you are the sales director of the wine estate Rollan de By. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and what you daily job looks like?

Julie: I’m actually not the estate’s sales director. Even if I grew up with the company and have been involved quite a few times I’ve only been working for the company a little while. I’m sales for northern Europe and providing for the B2B market in France.

Working for the family business has been incredible. It’s a lot of work getting clients we want to build close relationship with abroad but I get to travel a lot and meet wonderful and passionate people from all around the world. The wine business isn’t like any other businesses: everybody loves wine, a good wine. You are selling a product that most of people appreciate and thus, you are always well received, usually with a smile. It’s a beautiful world!

Julie Guyon


2. Tesi:  Everybody now for sure the first growth of Bordeaux. Please tell me more about your wine and what it makes your wine special.

Julie: My father, who founded the vineyard, says that a good wine is the result of the alchemy between a man and his land: All of our plots are taken care for as precious gardens. We do a tremendous work in the vineyard in terms of trimming and stripping to obtain the perfect grape ripeness. In the cellar were developed and patented new techniques for the wine to mature ideally as well.

Our wines have a particular blend for the Medoc. Their blend is with a majority of merlot which is mostly typical of Saint Emilion, and we add a percentage of Petit Verdot, unusual grape type, that gives our wines a deep black cherry flavor and some additional spices. Most of our wines are raised in new oak as well, which awards them with powerful and round tannins.

Our wines are good to drink young and to keep …

Mr. Guyon (Founder of Rollan de By)

3. Tesi: Do you remember the first time you have been overwhelmed by a good wine? How was that moment for you and what did you feel?

Julie:  I remember the first time I had Chateau Yquem. I was at a famous event in Bordeaux which is “la fête de la Fleur”, occurring every year in Bordeaux and in famous Chateaux. I had never tasted a wine like that before. This abundance of flavors and the sugary taste made me forget about dessert. It was an indulgence of its own, the perfect way to end a gastronomic meal. 
4. Tesi: Which wine not produced by your estate can’t be missed in a well sorted wine cellar?

Julie: You can’t have a well-sorted wine cellar without a renowned white burgundy such as a Corton Charlemagne from Coche Dury. This excellent wine will admirably go with fish, veal  and poultry.


5. Tesi: What does good food and wine mean to you?

Julie: I have been to a few tasting classes to perfect my knowledge about wines from all over France but also to be more acquainted with wines from abroad as well as the new world’s. In each of the programs I attended, there was always a section about choosing your wines accordingly to the meal you were planning on having: Both are inseparable. Food flavors, and specificities must match those of the wines but one and another also brings out the best of each other when well chosen.
For example, Haut Condissas will enhance, enwrap and wrap up with a soft finish a nice piece of red meat.


Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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Biography Julie:

Iulie Guyon is Jean Guyon’s daughter, founder of les Domaines Rollan de By. After a Masters in business, she acquired a degree in Fashion with an AAS from Parsons, the New School for desing in New York. Although the wine business wasn’t what she aimed first for her career, she was naturally drawned to the family business, which has been part of her life since she was a toddler.

Her father bought two hectares of vines when she was only five years old. She likes to say that the vineyard is like a third sibling to her and her brother. The three of them grew older and more experienced together, cared and guided by the same parent.

She first worked for les Domaines Rollan de By at a very young age, pouring wine during important international fairs. She was then soon acquainted with this whole fascinating world and its actors, that are part of her everyday life nowadays.



  • #1 Cru Bourgeois by Decanter for Rollan de By 2011
  • “It has become one of the finest Cru Bourgeois estates.” Robert Parker


Julie Guyon


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