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WGS Local Groups - SE Queensland


Welcome to the SE Queensland Gourmet Group
We are a group of food enthusiasts who love to explore new culinary landscapes, push boundaries, try out new restaurants and share our love for haute cuisine. Please join us and share your passion for good food and wine!
Your SE Queensland Gourmet Group



#95 25/10/2015 05:53:59
Hello everyone,

The WGS Luncheon on Saturday 24th of October was a very interesting and a somewhat surprising success. The lunch was held at a time when the Gold Coast was host to both a very important car race, Gold Coast 6000 and a surfing competition …. we met at the Kurrawa Surf Lifesaving Club in Broadbeach and almost had a United Nations lunch with Russia, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, and Lithuania represented.
#96 25/10/2015 06:33:38
Hi All,

I'm very gad to hear you had fun.
I hope I have the chance to join a lunch at some point!

#93 22/10/2015 04:02:48
Hi Guys,

Im based on the Gold Coast. Its great to see this group start. I look forward to seeing events in the region.
I work for the Australian Good Food Guide, so im always keen for a reason to dine.

#94 22/10/2015 05:22:48
Hello Shawn,

Welcome to the group, some members seem to know a lot about culinary arts and I am guessing you are one of them. Others are like me and just like to eat.

By the way, I just posted a lunch for this Saturday [11:30 start] at Kurrawa Surf Club in Broadbeach. Are you free? It would be great to catch up ........ My mobile number when I am in Australia and I am at the moment, is 0411 888 880.
#92 06/08/2015 11:53:20

Dear Friends and Gourmets in SE Queensland,

I have seen that Andy has posted some great events in the next weeks for our gourmet group.
I would love to join but as Im based in london it will not be easy for me :(

However, I wish you great and tasty dinner evenings!

Greetings to SE Queensland


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Almost on a Pacific Ocean beach 24/10/2015 10:30 AM
I realise it is short notice, but then "better late than never" ....... beside the best way to compliment a picturesque Pacific Ocean view in October on the Gold Coast is with a mouth-watering meal. Surf Club Kurrawa, in Broadbeach offers both.

Sat 24 Oct 11:30 - 14:30 ...... Please let me know if you can make it [register here] as I started with a table for 6 and 5 seats have already been taken. I will get a bigger table if we have a stampede of people, just let me know and I will reserve more chairs and tables.

How do you find us? Easy ..... look for a red balloon on the balcony.

Location -,153.434876,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x2ad30724fae59930?hl=en-US
The Grand Gold Coast Gastronomic Journey - 1st stop - 'Ten' 20/08/2015 06:30 PM

Head Chef, Daisuke Miyake of Ten Japanese restaurant, hard work and determination has earned him respect amongst other Japanese restaurants.

Daisuke is skilled in various styles of Japanese cooking. However, he still enjoys working at the sushi counter as he is keen to observe and gather feedback from his guests on his culinary skills each night.

'Ten' in Japanese translates to 'heaven', and Daisuke's passion mirrors that of owner Mr Bob Jones – work hard to create the best possible dining experience for guests, to give them a 'taste of heaven' on the Gold Coast.

Reservations are a must.
20th August 2015
Seated at 6:30 pm