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Andreas Döllerer
Andreas Döllerer
Michelin Starred Chef Döllerers Genusswelten

Honoured member

The multi–award winning chef Andreas Döllerer is a versatile man, especially when it comes to food. He gained his exceptional cooking skills working abroad with Dieter Müller in Lerbach Castle in Germany as well as in the restaurant 'La Taverna' in Colloredo di Montalbano in Italy. In addition, Andreas has a gift for the usage of local products, creating new styles and most of all, he has a passionate interest in anything that creates pleasure.
In 2003, Andreas rose to the top of Austrian chefs, achieving three Gault Millau toques for Döllerers gourmet restaurant as well as two Gault Millau toques for Döllerers Inn. His credo – tradition meets modern – repeatedly demonstrates the courage to innovation. He calls his kitchen line 'Cuisine Alpine'. This line is a successful blend of classic Austrian delicacies flavored with a dash of creativity and international charm. Andreas and his team try to create childhood memories on every plate, in every dish you can find tradition, individuality and personality!

In his free time, Andreas loves to be in gourmet cuisines all over the world and take peeks over shoulders of creative chefs for inspiration and style. When at home in Austria, he prefers local delicatessen. He catches the fish in the near Bluntautal in the morning, creating new dishes and delicacies for lunch. The meat he uses is 'Pinzgauer' organic beef or Tauern Lamb fed on natural pastures of the surroundings of Salzburg. His groceries are as fresh as possible, sometimes using rare and forgotten products turning them into amazing dishes.

Nowadays, Döllerers Geniesserrestaurant is one of the top restaurants in Austria, receiving multiple awards, eg. 'Inspiration of the year-Award'. Everybody who got to know Andreas Döllerer in person will confirm his continuous development and improvement as well as passion and consistency.

Döllerers Genusswelten:

Döllerers hotel and restaurant, delicatessen shop and the wine trading house form a family business, which is literally very rare and unusual.
In 1974, Hermann, Sr and Raimund, Sr Döllerer took over their parents' inn, which has been family-owned since 1909. Together with their wives Martha and Marianne, they tried to continuously improve quality in form of raising the culinary range of typical inns with gourmet cuisine, remodeling the hotel area in 1994 to 4-star comfort and excellent delicatessen specialties that are offered in numerous top restaurants and delis. Not to forget to mention the private wine trading house that still supplies the top restaurants in Austria and Bavaria. The gourmet restaurant has acquired 2 Gault Millau toques followed by the inn with one, and 5 crowns at "à la carte".

Only being around Andreas and Christl Döllerer, actually being around the whole family, one can understand their strenuous effort to go above and beyond in this versatile world of culinary and hospitality. Döllerers Genusswelten is always worth a visit, as there is always something new to expect and explore. Though, one thing remains the same: creating pleasure at the highest level.
There is colorful hustle and bustle on and off stage, with a 16-member-family, who put extremel effort in caring about the wellbeing of their guests. The generational change happens progressively, as most of the family members cannot imagine a life without work.

Christl Döllerer makes sure to give all guests of hotel, restaurant or tavern a warm welcome. Her husband Andreas shares his passion in the kitchen. Raimund Döllerer and his brother Christian manage Döllerers Enoteca and wine trading house, handle more than 300 000 bottles of wine and supply top restaurants across the country with superb products. Hermann Döllerer, "Il Grande Patrone", gives support and wisdom, as well as being responsible for consistent change in thinking in decades, so the name "Döllerer" is synonymous with quality. Hermann, Raimund and Christian are constantly travelling Austria focusing on public relations and wine sales.
Sabine, Raimund's significant other, is found anywhere hands are needed. Her secret passion is decorating "Döllerers Genusswelten", add a nice colorful touch and give it all a loving atmosphere.
Raimund, Sr will always be a passionate butcher. He creates the specialties of the deli department, together with professionals who go by the name of "Döllerers Sausage Factory".

Martha and Marianne, loving grandmothers, enjoy spending time with their grandchildren:
Laura, Raimund JR, Florian, Andreas, Leopold, Hermann JR, Marie-Amelie, Ferdinand, Markus and Rosalie.

Hermann Döllerer
Hermann Döllerer
Owner Döllerer Weinhandelshaus and Döllerer Genusswelten

Honoured member

Hermann Döllerer – Austria’s Enjoyment Ambassador

(German Version below)

Whether as a top restaurateur or wine merchant, few have so decisively influenced the successful Austrian gourmet scene as Hermann Döllerer.

An unparalleled life's work: In more than 40 years in the profession, Döllerers Genusswelten (World of Indulgence) of Salzburg has advanced a small inn for bus tours in one of Austria's best gourmet addresses ( to renown beyond Austria's borders. A culinary microcosm, the combination of pub, butcher shop, delicatessen, and Enoteca & Bacaro, where son Andreas was named the 2010 Gault Millau Chef of the Year, means many excellent gourmet restaurants, which is unusual for connoisseurs.

In addition, Hermann Döllerer built out his home wine shop to become one of the leading wine merchant houses in the Alpine region, which today not only serves the entire Austrian and South Tyrolean hotel and restaurant scene, but with ever longer ranges, they also work in the top German market. He has even successfully developed his own series of wine glasses.

In 1995, he became president of the Salzburg group of connoisseurs and restaurants with 28 leading culinary companies from Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. In 2000, small festivals followed in Golling Castle, which has been established as a jewel among the summer festivals in the cultural scene with high artistic quality, as well as the 2001 Rotary Club of Golling.

Although Hermann Döllerer has now largely given over operational management of the Döllerer enterprises to the next generation, he still characterizes the development of the worlds of indulgence and the wine house trade – the family patron with a thousand ideas for the coming years.

Hermann Döllerer - Lifelines

... From singing host to ski instructor at the tourist inn ...

If the right music agent had discovered him, maybe, just maybe time would have turned Hermann Döllerer into a famous singer. In 1970 after graduating from the Hotel School Bad Reichenhall, Hermann returned home to his parents' Golden Star, a tourist inn, like so many in the village. It was booked during the summer with bus tours, but closed during the winter, and their butcher shop next door was just a side operation.

Hermann’s father desperately wanted his son to stay, but it was only possible with a two-season operation. The Tui travel agency partners gave the green light, but there was not a reasonable workload to justify his staying full-time. So, Hermann toured Germany, spending happy evenings advertising in rented rooms of regular customers and their friends singing (!!!) through the Golling winter. When he was back at home, Hermann worked during the day as a ski instructor, cross-country supervisor, and organizer of curling tournaments, and several evenings each week he accompanied the music to rouse a good mood.

... About the crucial question of a legendary gourmet critic ...

The Golden Star’s cooking has always been good, especially led by Hermann's brother Raimund and his butchery class products, some of which would get cult status over the following decades, in particular “the Fresh” or “the Gollinger.”

Even more striking was Hermann’s already ambitious wine selection, a passion that had been fostered during his education at the Tourism School Bad Reichenhall. His first challenge though was to find a way to prepare as many servings as efficiently as possible for the big bus companies.

The birth of all today's gourmet successes struck in 1979, however, when the legendary Salzburg gourmet critic, Rudy Bayr, asked the cutting question: Where are the fresh vegetables? That question brought Hermann Döllerer and the kitchen almost overwhelming embarrassment. Green beans proved to be the savior of the hour, and during a long conversation with Bayr that night, some crucial future decisions were made.

… 11 Gault Millau points and outrageously expensive taster courses at Kochstars ...

The Golden Star at that time had 11 Gault Millau points. By today's standards this would be quite a standing, so at that time they found themselves in a very solid range. Even still, the Golling Landgasthof hotel received 1 point more than the famous Viennese Sacher Hotel!

Rudy Bayr increased quality awareness and the desire to refocus, and Hermann Döllerer began to visit some of the best chefs on a weekly basis to work in their kitchens and learn. This was no vacation though; indeed, quite the opposite. Each of these taster weeks would be very expensive, whether with Emile Jung in Strasbourg, with Eckhart Witzigmann, with Otto Koch, or the then very young Dieter Müller. Up to 18,000 shillings had to be paid per week, translating in today’s cost to at least 3,000 Euros.

… Private happiness and the first successes in the gourmet scene ...

1979 was also in important year in private ways. Hermann married Martha, his great love from the Pinzgau, followed by the birth of son Andreas. Four years later, daughter Julia’s birth rounded out his domestic happiness.

In 1983, all their culinary efforts were rewarded: Hermann Döllerer, together with his then kitchen manager Karl Einfalt, had step by step changed the kitchen, giving their time and efforts at the stove to create modern plates and give the house its culinary signature. Their first cover of the 1983 Gault Millau guide was the long-awaited confirmation of all these ambitions, and by 1986, they had 2 toques to demonstrate their success and a new chef in Bruno Plotegher.

… From sales of wine for friends to a wine trading company ...

Wine has always been an important focus for Hermann Döllerer, and he was already involved with today’s star wine growers when they were still unknowns. The success of the restaurant brought new guests to Golling, which, in turn, became more and more enthusiastic about wine culture. From private wine purchases for friends and patrons to one of the most important wine trading houses in the Alps, today’s leading wineries – from Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and overseas – entrust their top wines to Hermann Döllerer, and the best restaurants in Austria, South Tyrol, and Germany trust him to put together their wine lists.

Hermann makes sure that the in-house restaurant is always stocked with the top wines, so there is virtually no restaurant in Austria today that even comes close to having as many legendary wines.

The combination of host, wine merchant, and wine lover as embodied by Hermann Döllerer is unique. He can empathize with the thoughts and desires of guests and restaurateurs alike and is, thus, always aware of trends.

Hermann continues to set trends himself, however, as in the glass market, where he has his own series of stemware that marries high quality standards with competitive prices. Or, by pushing premium wines in half bottles, which are becoming an increasingly big hit in restaurants and private trade.

… Three Gault Millau toques for the newly created “Genusswelten” ...

Chef Bernhard Hauser proved a stroke of luck for the Golden Star Restaurant, which continued to spread the name of "Döllerer," but not just because he cooked up the third Gault Millau in 1997 as a talented chef. Chef Hauser was also vital because of his nature. Quiet, thoughtful, and open-minded – always willing to try something new – Hauser was for Hermann Döllerer the good-natured companion on the way to “Döllerers Genusswelten,” which by now was taking shape.

The butcher shop side business had long since been converted into a delicatessen but now won on profile. The pub got its own native kitchen line, the wine trade rapidly established itself, and the hotel had been renovated and remodelled to offer connoisseurs appropriate quality lodging.

… A president for football lovers, Rotarians, and festival friends ...

Golf is now Hermann Döllerer’s preferred sport, although football remains a passion, so it is not surprising that he was active as a football president and indeed for the Golling Sports Club. The last two times they won the championship title was under his reign from 1988 to 1993.

Still in a presidency role, this time as president of connoisseurs, Hermann Döllerer is active in tourism. In the mid-1990s, he co-founded the hotel cooperation of connoisseurs and restaurants with Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber. Now with 28 member hotels from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, the co-op has very successfully expanded throughout Europe.

A very personal interest was the construction of his own Golling Rotary Club, for which he was president in 2001. One year before, small festivals had been held for the first time at the Golling Castle, which breathed new life into the historic walls and over the years and festival seasons also made the Tennengauer market town an important cultural center.

… The head of an extraordinary family business …

Son Andreas was named Chef of the Year in 2010 by Gault Millau and is now one of the best chefs in Austria. His wife, Christl, runs the hotel. His nephews, Raimund and Christian, work with their wives, Sabine and Anna, in the flourishing wine trade house with gourmet food and shopping, which is just as successful at pleasing the discerning individual customer as supplying the top restaurants in Austria and neighbouring Germany.

The historic Golden Star has been transformed in recent decades into "Döllerers Genusswelten" and is one of the most exciting and versatile addresses for gourmets in the Alps. Hermann is affectionately known within the family as the patron, and he is especially proud of the changes by each generation that continue to bear his high standards.

German Version:

Hermann Döllerer - Österreichs Genuss-Botschafter

Ob als Spitzengastronom oder Weinhändler: Kaum jemand hat die erfolgreiche österreichische Gourmetszene so maßgeblich mitgeprägt wie Hermann Döllerer.

Ein Lebenswerk, das seinesgleichen sucht: In mehr als 40 Berufsjahren verwandelte der Salzburger einen kleinen Gasthof für Bustouristen in eine der besten Gourmetadressen Österreichs, die heute als Döllerers Genusswelten ( weit über Österreichs Grenzen hinaus ein Begriff sind . Ein kulinarischer Mikrokosmos, der mit vielfach ausgezeichnetem Genießerrestaurant, wo Sohn Andreas 2010 zum Gault Millau-Koch des Jahres gekürt wurde, Wirtshaus, Metzgerei, Feinkost sowie Enoteca & Bacaro gleich mehrere außergewöhnliche Adressen für Genießer vereint.

Darüber hinaus baute Hermann Döllerer die hauseigene Vinothek zu einem der führenden Weinhandelshäuser im Alpenraum aus, das heute nicht nur die gesamte österreichische und Südtiroler Hotellerie und Gastronomie beliefert, sondern mit immer größerer Reichweite auch den deutschen Spitzenmarkt. Eine von ihm selbst entwickelte Serie von Weingläsern wurde so nebenbei zum Erfolgsprodukt.

1995 gründete der Salzburger die Hotelkooperation der Genießerhotels & -restaurants, deren 28 kulinarischen Leitbetrieben aus Österreich, Italien, Deutschland und der Schweiz er als Präsident vorsteht. Im Jahr 2000 folgten die Kleinen Festspiele auf der Burg Golling, die sich mit hoher künstlerischer Qualität als Kleinod unter den sommerlichen Festivals in der Kulturszene etabliert haben, sowie 2001 der Rotary Club Golling.

Auch wenn Hermann Döllerer die operativen Führungsagenden der Döllerer-Betriebe mittlerweile weitgehend an die nächste Generation abgegeben hat, prägt er noch immer die Weiterentwicklung der Genusswelten und des Weinhandelshauses. Ein Familien-Patron eben mit tausend Ideen für die nächsten Jahre.

Hermann Döllerer – Lebenslinien

… vom singenden Wirt und Skilehrer im Touristengasthof …

Vielleicht, ja vielleicht wäre aus dem Hermann Döllerer seinerzeit ein bekannter Sänger geworden, wenn ihn der richtige Musikagent entdeckt hätte. Als er nach Abschluss der Hotelfachschule Bad Reichenhall 1970 in den elterlichen Goldenen Stern heimkehrte, war dieser ein touristischer Gasthof wie so viele im Ort. Von Busgästen im Sommer bestens gebucht, im Winter geschlossen und in der Bedeutung neben der hauseigenen Metzgerei nur ein Nebenbetrieb. Der Vater wollte unbedingt, dass der Sohn bleibt. Das war jedoch nur bei einem 2-Saisonen-Betrieb möglich. Die Tui als Reisebüropartner gab zwar grünes Licht, aber für eine vernünftige Auslastung reichte das nicht. Und so tourte Hermann Döllerer durch Deutschland, um bei fröhlichen Werbeabenden in angemieteten Festräumen Stammgäste und deren Freunde singend (!!!) für den Gollinger Winter zu begeistern. Auch zu Hause begleitete er mehrmals pro Woche die Heimatabende musikalisch und sorgte untertags als Skilehrer, Langlaufbetreuer und Organisation von Eisstockturnieren für gute Laune.

…..über die entscheidenden Frage eines legendären Gourmetkritikers…..

Gekocht wurde im Goldenen Stern immer schon gut, zumal die von Hermanns Bruder Raimund geführte Metzgerei erstklassige Produkte beisteuerte, von denen einige – wie die „Frischen“ oder die „Gollinger“ - im Laufe der folgenden Jahrzehnte Kultstatus bekommen sollten. Auffallend war schon damals die ambitionierte Weinauswahl, eine Leidenschaft, die auf der Tourismusschule Bad Reichenhall geprägt wurde. Aber in erster Linie galt es, für die großen Busgesellschaften möglichst viele Portionen möglichst effizient zuzubereiten. Die Geburtsstunde aller heutigen Erfolge im Gourmetbereich schlug 1979, als der legendäre Salzburger Gourmetkritiker Rudy Bayr die entscheidende Frage stellte, was es denn zum Tafelspitz an frischem Gemüse gäbe?! Eine Frage, die Hermann Döllerer in Verlegenheit brachte und die Küche beinahe überforderte. Fisolen erwiesen sich als Retter der Stunde und nach einem langen Gespräch mit Bayr waren an diesem Abend die entscheidenden Weichen für die Zukunft gefallen.

… 11 Gault Millau-Punkte und sündteure Schnupperkurse bei Kochstars…

Der Goldene Stern hatte zu diesem Zeitpunkt 11 Gault Millau-Punkte. Nach heutigen Maßstäben wäre dies ein ziemlicher Verriss, damals befand man sich damit durchaus in einem sehr soliden, guten Bereich. Immerhin erhielt der Gollinger Landgasthof 1 Punkt mehr als das berühmte Wiener Hotel Sacher! Rudy Bayr verstärkte das Qualitätsbewusstsein und den Willen, sich neu zu orientieren und so besuchte Hermann Döllerer einige der besten Köche dieser Zeit, um wochenweise in den dortigen Küchen zu arbeiten und zu lernen. Und das nicht nur ohne Gehalt, sondern ganz im Gegenteil: Jede dieser Schnupperwochen war teuer zu bezahlen, ob bei Emile Jung in Straßburg, bei Eckhart Witzigmann, bei Otto Koch oder dem damals ganz jungen Dieter Müller. Bis zu 18.000 Schilling mussten pro Woche bezahlt werden, vom Geldwert auf heute umgerechnet mindestens 3.000 Euro.

… privates Glück und erste Erfolge in der Gourmetszene…

1979 war auch in privater Hinsicht in wichtiges Jahr. Der Hochzeit mit Martha, der großen Liebe aus dem Pinzgau, folgte die Geburt von Sohn Andreas, vier Jahre später rundete Tochter Julia das Familienglück ab. Im selben Jahr, 1983, wurden auch die großen Anstrengungen im Wirtshaus belohnt: Hermann Döllerer hatte gemeinsam mit seinem damaligen Küchenchef Karl Einfalt die Küche Schritt für Schritt umgestellt, stand selbst immer wieder am Herd, richtete die Teller moderner an und verlieh dem Haus seine kulinarische Handschrift. Die erste Haube des Guide Gault Millau 1983 war die langersehnte Bestätigung all dieser Ambitionen, die bereits 1986 mit 2 Hauben durch den neuen Küchenchef Bruno Plotegher ihre erfolgreiche Steigerung fand.

… von Weinverkäufen für Freunde zu einem Weinhandelshaus…

Wein bildete schon immer ein großes Thema für Hermann Döllerer und er ging bereits bei den heutigen Winzerstars aus und ein, als diese noch völlig unbekannt waren. Der Erfolg des Restaurants brachte neue Gäste nach Golling, die sich ihrerseits immer mehr für Weinkultur begeisterten. Aus privaten Weineinkäufen für Freunde und Stammgäste entwickelte sich im Laufe der Jahre eines der bedeutendsten Weinhandelshäuser der Alpen, dem einerseits heute die führenden Weingüter aus Österreich, Italien, Frankreich und Spanien, aber auch aus Übersee ihre Topweine anvertrauen und von dem sich andererseits die besten Restaurants in Österreich, Südtirol und Deutschland ihre Weinkarten zusammenstellen lassen. Im hauseigenen Restaurant sorgte er dafür, dass von den Top-Weinen immer entsprechend viel zurückgelegt wurde, sodass es heute praktisch kein Lokal in Österreich gibt, dass bei vielen legendären Weinen auch nur annähernd eine ähnlich große Dichte an Jahrgängen aufweist. Die Kombination aus Wirt, Weinhändler und Weinliebhaber, wie sie Hermann Döllerer auf einzigartige Weise verkörpert, ist dabei unschlagbar. Er kann sich in die Gedanken und Wünsche von Gästen und Gastronomen gleichermaßen hineinversetzen und liegt damit immer im Trend der Zeit. Wobei viele Trends nach wie vor von ihm selbst gesetzt werden. Sei es in Sachen Glaskultur, wo er seit einigen Jahren eine eigene Serie auf den Markt bringt, die seine hohen Qualitätsanforderungen mit günstigen Herstellungspreisen in Einklang bringt. Oder bei den von ihm forcierten Spitzenweinen in Halbflaschen, die immer mehr zum großen Renner in Gastronomie und Privathandel werden.

… drei Gault Millau-Hauben für die neugeschaffenen Genusswelten…

Küchenchef Bernhard Hauser erwies sich als Glücksgriff für das Restaurant Goldenen Stern, das namentlich immer mehr zum „Döllerer“ umfirmierte. Aber nicht nur, weil er als begnadeter Koch 1997 die dritte Haube erkochte, sondern auch wegen seiner menschlichen Vorzüge. Ruhig und besonnen, gleichzeitig aufgeschlossen und immer zu Neuem bereit, war Hauser für Hermann Döllerer der kongeniale Begleiter auf dem Weg zu Döllerers Genusswelten, die nun immer mehr Gestalt annahmen. Die Metzgerei war schon lange zuvor zur Feinkost umgewandelt worden, gewann nun aber an Profil. Das Wirtshaus bekam eine eigene, bodenständige Küchenlinie, der Weinhandel etablierte sich zusehends und auch im Hotel wurde beständig renoviert und umgebaut, um Genießern entsprechende Zimmerqualität bieten zu können.

… ein Präsident für Fußballer, Genießer, Rotarier und Festspielfreunde…..

Golf ist heute das große aktive sportliche Thema von Hermann Döllerer, Fußball nach wie vor eine Leidenschaft. So wundert es nicht, dass er selbst mal als Fußballpräsident aktiv war, und zwar für den SC Golling, der unter seiner Regentschaft von 1988 bis 1993 immerhin gleich zwei Mal den Meistertitel holte. Noch immer im Präsidentenamt, konkret als Genießer-Präsident, ist Hermann Döllerer im Tourismus aktiv. Mitte der 1990er Jahre gründete er gemeinsam mit Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber die Hotelkooperation der Genießerhotels & -restaurants mit mittlerweile 28 Mitgliedshotels aus Österreich, Italien, der Schweiz und Deutschland, die derzeit höchst erfolgreich nach Europa expandiert. Ein sehr persönliches Anliegen war ihm der Aufbau eines eigenen Gollinger Rotary-Clubs, dessen Gründungspräsident er 2001 war. Bereits ein Jahr zuvor stand die Burg Golling erstmals im Zeichen der Kleinen Festspiele, die dem historischen Gemäuer neues Leben einhauchten und im Laufe der Jahre über die Festspielsaison hinaus zu einem wichtigen kulturellen Mittelpunkt der Tennengauer Marktgemeinde machten. ... ein Patron eines außergewöhnlichen Familienunternehmens

Der historische Goldene Stern hat sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten in „Döllerers Genusswelten“, und damit in eine der spannendsten und vielseitigsten Adressen für Genießer im gesamten Alpenraum verwandelt. Dabei ist der Patron, wie er im Familienverband liebevoll genannt wird, besonders stolz auf die nächste Generation, die seinen hohen Anspruch nicht nur seit Jahren weiter trägt, sondern weiter entwickelt. Sohn Andreas wurde 2010 von Gault Millau zum Koch des Jahres gekürt und zählt heute zu den besten Köchen Österreichs, seine Frau Christl führt das Genießerhotel. Die Neffen Raimund und Christian sind mit ihren Frauen Sabine und Anna im florierenden Weinhandelshaus mit Feinkost und Gourmandisenversand tätig, das anspruchsvolle Einzelkunden ebenso erfolgreich beliefert wie die Spitzengastronomie in Österreich und im angrenzenden Deutschland.

Thomas Dorfer
Thomas Dorfer
2 Michelin Starred Chef

Honoured member


  • 2 Sterne Michelin
  • im letzten erschienen Österreich Guide 2009
  • 18 Punkte Gault Millau
  • San Pellegrino Liste 2012, Platz 91, World’s best Restaurants
  • Gault Millau: Koch des Jahres 2009
  • Aral : Spitzenkoch des Jahres 2014
  • Präsident JRE Österreich


Restaurant "Kaiserstuben" : Fine Dining,1994-1995

Sydney, Australien: the Best international Restaurants in Sydney 1994,1995 1997

Restaurant Landhaus Bacher : Mautern, 1996-1997, 18 Punkte Gault Millau, 2 Sterne Michelin

Restaurant Jöhris Talvo : St. Moritz,Schweiz 1997-1998, 18 Punkte Gault Millau, 1 Stern Michelin

Restaurant Bareiss : Baiersbronn, Deutschland 1999-2002, 3 Jahre Sous –chef, 18 Punkte Gault Millau, 2 Sterne, seit 2007-3 Sterne Michelin

Restaurant Landhaus Bacher : 2002, Mautern, Küchenchef

  • 18 Punkte Gault Millau Guide 2013 ,
  • 2 Sterne Michelin im letzten erschienen Guide 2009
  • 99/100 Falstaff Guide 2012
  • 96/100 AlaCarte Guide 2013
  • San Pellegrino Liste Wordls best Restaurants 2012, Platz 91

Praktikums :

  • Tantris, Hans Haas, Deutschland , 2 Sterne Michelin
  • Fischerzunft, Andre Jäger, Schweiz, 2 Sterne Michelin
  • Restaurant Arzak , Spanien, 3 Sterne Michelin
  • estaurant Vendome, Joachim Wissler, 3 Sterne Michelin
Alexander Dressel
Alexander Dressel
Gastgeber Bayrisches Haus Potsdam

Honoured member

Trescher's Schwarzwaldhotel am Titisee
Gourmetrestaurant "Harlekin" im Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin, Deutschland
Restaurant „Bistro Terrine“ München, Deutschland
Restaurant "La Pergola" im Cavalieri Hilton, Rom, Italien
Restaurant "Le Chesery" Gstaad, Schweiz
Restaurant "Brückenkeller" in Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland
Küchenchef/ Executive Chef:
Restaurant "Borchardt" in Berlin, Deutschland
Restaurant Neuwirt im Hotel "Schwarzer Adler" in Kitzbühel, Österreich
"Grand Hotel" in Rimini und zeitgleiches Opening des Ristornate "Castello di Velona", Montalcino, Italien
Küchenchef & Hoteldirektor:
Restaurant "Friedrich Wilhelm" (1 Michelin-Stern) im Relais & Châteaux Hotel Bayrisches Haus, Potsdam
2004 Aufsteiger des Jahres / Der Feinschmecker
2007/2008 Großer Gourmetpreis Brandenburg
2007 Brandenburger Meisterkoch
17 Punkte Gault Millau
4 Varta Diamanten und Varta-Tipp Varta-Führer
3.5 Kochlöffel Aral Schlemmer Atlas
3 F Der Feinschmecker seit 2004
1 Stern Michelin

Laurent Dufau
Laurent Dufau
Managing Director Chateau Calon Segur

Honoured member

Sven Elverfeld
Sven Elverfeld
3 Michelin Starred Chef

Honoured member

Wolfsburg, 2016 – After more than fifteen years in the gourmet restaurant Aqua chef Sven Elverfeld cannot be overseen in the German culinary top list, but has also established him and the restaurant on an international level. With excellent craftsmen’s ship he creates exceptional dining moments for his guests together with his team. Beyond a defined style and apart from trends Elverfeld creates a symbiosis of tradition and modernism. Never-varying high quality and exceptional flavor richness together with visual esthetics in his creations have earned him the most recent honors. The Guide Michelin ranks the Aqua restaurant with three stars and Aqua is recognized as one of the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.
Elverfeld’s very independent cuisine distinguishes itself by its sophisticated harmony of aroma, characteristic flavor and texture. Quite often his dishes reconnect to a personal memory and are reminiscences to defined stages in his career or voyages from which he takes the traditional cuisine as an inspiration to tell his own story. Modern technology and cooking methods based on solid grounded cuisine coalesce to a sophisticated pleasurable experience. In the process, he not only swears by the topmost quality of all ingredients he employs but by a pronounced regional reference of the products. He purchases daily from the surrounding producers & farmers or a selective list of German and European suppliers.
His philosophy: “Attain your goal with commitment and love for detail” has proven itself successful, bringing him a great many distinctions in the last few years and confirming his concept. In November 2008 Guide Michelin awarded him with three stars and he became the first three-star chef in northern Germany. Furthermore the restaurant Aqua is awarded with 19 points in the current Gault Millau and got the highest recognition in various German restaurant guides.
At the onset of his career Sven Elverfeld completed an apprenticeship as a confectioner before dedicating his energies to being trained as a chef. The time he spent in Crete, Japan and Dubai was as vital to his career as the restaurants he worked at, which were all awarded and known for their outstanding cuisine. After Elverfeld graduated from the Hotel Management School in Heidelberg as a Certified Restaurateur and Chef in 1998, he commenced his career at The Ritz-Carlton: From 1998 to 2000 he managed the La Baie fine-dining restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai. In January 2000 he went back to Germany to join the pre-opening team at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg in the Autostadt. From the first day on he put all his effort and performance into restaurant Aqua. Within the briefest time, Aqua has gone on to be acknowledged as one of the best gourmet addresses.
The elaborately illustrated book of the acclaimed three-star Michelin chef features more than 75 signature dishes with more than 450 single recipes as well as culinary memories of the last four years. This way it allows insight into Elverfeld's distinct cooking style and the motivation behind. With special regards to the global recognitions, the book is also be published in a limited English version This way it allows insight into Elverfeld's distinct cooking style and the motivation behind. More information may be found at
Design of Restaurant Aqua The redesign of The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg and the award-winning Aqua restaurant is a contemporary update of the original design concept created by Andrée Putman. Restaurant Aqua has been redesigned by renowned American architect Elliott Barnes with an additional window that opens into a private garden area, where a large shell filled with water creates a quiet Zen-like atmosphere. The materials and surfaces in the restaurant's interior follow a nature theme. Woven metal curtains made in Paris by Sophie Mallebranche are combined with mirrored walls, resulting in a diffused, shimmering effect that gives the space more breadth with a subtle, aquatic element. A new chandelier creates a distinct accent in the centre of the restaurant. Produced by the French manufacturer CreaLumin, it measures an impressive two metres in diameter. The organically shaped glass elements created by Brigitte Bonnave from Lille, are illuminated from the inside with fine glass fibres and awaken images of imaginary creatures of the deep. A round, bronze-coloured mirror creates a counterpoint on the ceiling, transforming the chandelier into a floating cloud.
Recent Awards and recognitions for restaurant aqua
3 Michelin stars – Guide Michelin since November 2008
19 points / 4 heads – Gault Millau 2016
33rd place in S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2015
5 F – top score – Der Feinschmecker Guide 2015/16
10 points (“pans“) - top score – German Culinary Travel Guide GUSTO 2016
5 points (“cooking spoons”) German Restaurant Guide Aral Schlemmer Atlas 2016
5 points (“chef’s caps) German Restaurant Guide Der Große Restaurantführer 2016
Tip** Service & kitchen with 5 diamonds – top score – Varta Guide 2016
Recent Awards and recognitions for Sven Elverfeld & team
“Chef of the year 2015” for Sven Elverfeld, Leaders of the year “Rolling Pin Magazine”
Menu of the year 2008 – Gault Millau Chef of the year 2007 – Der Feinschmecker
Chef of the year 2004 – Gault Millau Restaurant of the year 2002 – Der Feinschmecker
Upcoming chef of the year 2002 – Gault Millau

Annemarie Foidl
Annemarie Foidl
Präsidentin des Österreichischen Sommelierverbandes

Honoured member

Der Berufliche Werdegang
1974-78: Besuch der Volksschule in St. Johann in Tirol
1978-82: Hauptschule St. Johann in Tirol
1982-87: Besuch der Höheren Bundeslehranstalt für Frauenberufe in Saalfelden, Matura in Englisch, Mathematik, Französisch, Biologie, Ernährungslehre, Geographie und Deutsch 1987
1987: Konzessionsprüfung
05/1988-03/1989: Im Biohotel Stangelwirt in Going im Hotelservice und Hotelküche tätig
1989: jüngste Wirtin Österreichs auf der Angereralm
1996: Prüfung und Mitglied in der staatlichen Kostkommission für Wein
1997: Vizepräsidentin des Tiroler Sommeliervereines
1998: Wirtin des Jahres
1998: Technische Direktorin des Sommelierverbandes Österreich, ASI (Assosciation de la Sommellerie Internationale) Delegierte für Österreich
1999: Weinwirtin des Jahres für das Bundesland Tirol
1999: Sommelierdiplom
seit 2000: Mitglied der Comission Didactique der ASI, Jurymitglied bei der Trophee Ruinart und Sommelierweltmeisterschaften, Jury in div. Nationalen Wettbewerben weltweit
Seit 2008: Präsidentin des Österreichischen Sommelierverbandes
2013: Weinmensch des Jarhes

Xavier Franco
Xavier Franco
Michelin Starred Chef

Honoured member

In 1984, at the age of 14 he starts his education at the hospitality school Escola d’Hosteleria Sant Narcís in Girona and for the 5 following years he combines education with several internships in restaurants and hotels in Costa Brava. His first job marked his career since he had the opportunity of working hand in hand with Santi Santamaría from El Racó de Can Fabes, at his best growing period, and contributing to the acquisition of the 2nd Michelin star of this emblematic establishment. He stayed three more years and then left to discover worldwide cuisines before coming back with Santamaria who already had the 3rd star. After two intensive years, at 26, he starts teaching at CETT school and does so for five years. There he met his partner, Anna Doñate, and both embark on the adventure of opening their own restaurant Saüc in 2002.

Beginnings are promising for Saüc, customers and gastronomic critics recognize his particular style and great command and respect for product. In 2004, Xavier was part of a young chefs group with new proposals in haute cuisine, in a closer way and far from unnecessary ornaments of former age. In the center of the kitchen democratization movement Xavier is considered one of the best Catalan chefs and after several awards, he is regarded by the red guide with a 1st Michelin star in 2007/2008.

By that time he lives between Beijing and Barcelona. At the Chinese capital he leads a Spanish restaurant, an experience that lasts for 30 months as a business but continues to influence his cuisine.

Back in Barcelona, in 2010 he receives the proposal of moving Saüc to the 5* hotel Ohla. He accepts and not only does he manage the restaurant but he is responsible for the overall gastronomic offer of the establishment. He has set a gastronomic countertop and a cocktail bar. This decision represents a substantial improvement of the working area, equipment and team, and has contributed to the growth of offer and a very promising near future.