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Zahie Tellez
Zahie Tellez

What happens in a kitchen never ceases to amaze me; it is a place where everything is possible and where I have the opportunity to express who I am. Someone passionate about recipes and the history behind them, addicted to the experience which brings them to life, and a satisfied chef who leaves a piece of me in every dish I prepare. Cooking thrilled me from a very young age when I discovered the kitchen to be a place of generosity, knowledge, and love. All thanks to my two grandmothers, one Lebanese, the other Mexican, who planted in me the seed, which now bears fruit from a heritage of grand culinary traditions.
I enjoy producing easy to understand gastronomic experiences, interpreting everything I have learnt from the cuisines and ingredients of the world. I firmly believe dedication and discipline are the basis of success.
Trained in economics and political sciences, I decided to listen to my heart and one day I went back to the kitchen. First studying in Mexico and later, for an extended period, in Italy. There I could live and experiment gastronomy in new ways, with people who work the land, have pride about ingredients, the cooks, the techniques, the friends. Upon returning to Mexico I put into practice everything I learnt in Italy, first by establishing a high quality Italian wine importer, then as Executive Chef of Salotto, an Italian restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City.
At Salotto I had my first contact with the world of beer, several months later I become a Master Beer Sommelier and Chef for the Bohemia brand of beers. During the last six years I have been devoted to explore the pairing possibilities of this versatile drink and to disseminate bear culture in workshops, conferences and fairs.
My involvement with cooking extends beyond the kitchen. Extroverted and outgoing as I am, I have had the opportunity to share my vision of Mexican cooking in my TV shows aired regularly throughout Latin America in the ‪ Channel. I enjoy often participating on TV and radio shows and writing for magazines and newspapers.
I have participated as part of the Jury of Distinción Bohemia and lectured on a variety of cooking topics at CESSA University. I enjoy interacting with people through practical demonstrations, presenting Mexican gastronomic festivals abroad (India and Italy) and leading numerous paring and tasting events.
I am an entrepreneur and nowadays through “José Guadalupe Platos de Cuchara” I showcase my interpretation of Mexican cooking emphasizing quality of ingredients using the best techniques available. I believe my Pozole synthesises who I am, and improved tradition, which has turned comfort food into a lighter dish, which satisfies and intrigues the senses.
Nunca deja de sorprenderme lo que sucede en una cocina, es estar en un lugar donde todo es posible y desde dónde tengo la oportunidad de expresar lo que soy: una apasionada de las recetas y de sus historias; una adicta a la experiencia en la que éstas cobran vida y una chef satisfecha de mandar algo de lo que soy en cada platillo que preparo. Me emociona la cocina desde pequeña cuando la descubrí como un lugar de generosidad, conocimiento y amor gracias a mis dos abuelas, una libanesa y la otra mexicana, quienes plantaron en mí la semilla que hoy ha dado fruto como heredera de una gran tradición culinaria.
Me gusta producir experiencias gastronómicas fáciles de comprender, interpretando todo lo que he aprendido de las cocinas e ingredientes del mundo. Creo mucho en la dedicación y la disciplina como la base del éxito.
Formada como economista y politóloga, un día escuché a mi corazón y regresé a la cocina, primero estudiando en México y posteriormente pasando una larga temporada en Italia. Ahí pude vivir y experimentar otro ángulo de la gastronomía: la gente que trabaja la tierra, el orgullo de los ingredientes, los cocineros, las técnicas y los amigos. A mi regreso puse en práctica todo lo aprendido en Italia; primero establecí una importadora de vinos italianos de gran calidad, seguido de un paso fundamental como Chef Ejecutiva del restaurante Salotto en Polanco, Ciudad de México.
Fue en Salotto donde hice contacto con el mundo de la cerveza para convertirme algunos meses después en Maestra Sommelier Cervecera y la chef de la marca Bohemia. Los últimos 6 años los he dedicado a explorar las posibilidades del maridaje con esta versátil bebida y a difundir la cultura cervecera por medio de talleres, conferencias y ferias gastronómicas.
Mi involucramiento con la cocina va más allá del fogón. Extrovertida y dicharachera que soy, he tenido la oportunidad de difundir mi visión de la cocina mexicana a través de mis programas de TV que se transmiten en toda América latina en el canal Frecuentemente gusto de participar en programas de Radio y Televisión, así como escribiendo artículos en periódicos y revistas.
En los últimos años participé de manera activa como Consejera de Evaluación para la Distinción Bohemia, como profesora de diferentes materias de gastronomía en la Universidad CESSA. Disfruto de convivir con las personas directamente haciendo demostraciones prácticas, presentado festivales gastronómicos en el extranjero (India, Italia) y guiando numerosos eventos de apreciación y maridaje.
Soy emprendedora y hoy a través de “José Guadalupe Platos de Cuchara” presento mi interpretación de la cocina mexicana haciendo énfasis en la calidad de los productos y usando las mejores técnicas disponibles. Creo que mi pozole sintetiza mucho de lo que soy, la tradición mejorada en un plato más ligero que satisface e intriga al paladar.

Pawerak Thanusutiyabhorn
Pawerak Thanusutiyabhorn

Good food is what people enjoy. It might be from local street food to 3 star michelin. If you have had something good, you will never accept anything less. Good food is necessary to us, why do we have to eat bad food when everyday...and everywhere in the world, you can have good food.

My enthusiasm for food started when I was quite young. I have always been picky about my food since I was a baby. If it does not taste good..I would not eat. To me it really show when I start to travel and experience different type of food. To me you need to have passion for food, for cooking and for enjoying.

I travel a lot, any city I visit...I always want to try what is best or what that they said it's the best food in that city. To me if you have never experience them, you can't say if it's good or bad. And what you like depend totally on your personel taste.

Vu Thi Hong
Vu Thi Hong
junior sommelier

Xin Chao. My name is Hong. Im Vietnamese. Im 25 years old. By the chance, i felt in love with wine. I would like to learn about wine and food from friends in the world. Cheers!

Kleint Thomas
Kleint Thomas
Guest Relation & Social Media Manager

Tim Tibbitts
Tim Tibbitts
Chef/Owner @ Flying Fish

From the inception of the concept of Flying Fish my goal was to create a place that had quality and luxury never before attempted on Grand Bahama. Lots of people said we should do it in Nassau; that's where all the people are. Many said you should do it in Abaco; that's where all the big wallets are. We said we should do it in Freeport because that's where we are. We live here. Our lives are centered around here and we are commited to doing our part to making Freeport a better place to be.

Many people on the island became used to seeing us at all the big functions. Our catering company was well known for the level of quality and service it always provided. Flying Fish has taken that to whole different level.

There are a lot of things about Flying Fish that set us apart from every other restaurant on the island. Most of these things are in the details. The entire restaurant and almost everything in it was designed by myself. I did enlist help in making the vision come true and those involved did a wonderful job. I designed the cutlery myself and had it made in England. It is one of a kind. Our stemware is Austrian Stotzle stemware. Most restaurants in Grand Bahama spend less on the entire glassware for the restaurant than we did on the white wine glasses alone. Not that that matters to some, but it matters to us. Great wine glasses make your wine taste better. And adds to the experience. And the experience is all we wanted to give people while staying true to ourselves and what we stand for. I won't even get started on the plates;)

Some things you may not know about Flying Fish

-Flying Fish was recently named one of the Top 5 Restaurants in the Caribbean by CHANNELVOYAGER.COM

-We make our own bottled water on site with our reverse osmosis machine. It serves both sparkling and still water and we bottle it in recyclable glass bottles. It saves us between 5-10 bags of garbage in plastic bottles per week. I think it's one of the biggest things we did to make an impact.

-We installed our own laundry on site to make sure we could use real towels in the bathrooms instead of wasting paper towels.

-Our staff only use real cups for their own drinks. Disposables are not allowed.

-Flying Fish does not provide service. We provide hospitality. Flying Fish is my home. When you visit, you are my personal guest and I hope for you to feel like you were treated that way. Our food sometimes can be difficult for people to understand and we understand that. Our staff are trained to make you feel at ease with your selections.

-Our service staff must learn our 129 cardinal rules of service. They are tested on the menu, techniques and wine list every week. If they fail the test they are not allowed to take a table. We encourage our staff to take pride in their job and that it is a "we" operation run by team work.

-If you don't want to select your food, I will. We have a chef's 5 course tasting menu for those who just don't feel like choosing. Try the wine pairings, it enhances your meal incredibly.

-Rebecca is the only certified sommelier on Grand Bahama Island.

-Our wine list is 75% under the $60 price point for amazing wines carefully chosen for their quality and value.

-Flying Fish has the largest wine list in Grand Bahama and keeps growing.

-Flying Fish only serves sustainable seafood, fresh not frozen, only in its season. This is a big thing for us. We live on an island and the ocean is what sustains many people here. Mismanagement of the ocean will destroy the Bahamian economy and way of life.

-Our meats are all small farm raised, no antibiotics or growth hormones. Humanely slaughtered. Never in factory processing plants like IBP. My beef is Hereford breed, a rare Irish breed of cattle with exceptional flavor and texture. The pork belly is Kurobuta pork; the Kobe beef of the pork world. Even on the bar menu these remain. The bacon for our BLT sandwich is cured and smoked in house using the same amazing pork. The burger that is becoming legendary is ground in house using the same Hereford Beef. Short ribs, Top sirloin and chuck are all ground by myself using no eggs, breadcrumbs or other fillers.

-We serve non seafood items too. On the menu is beef, duck, pork, lamb, vegetarian and seafood too. We called the restaurant Flying Fish because of the amazing experience some of us are able to experience when out on the ocean and a flying fish comes out of the water. It's a special experience only to be had here, at the right time in the right place. We strive to make the experience at Flying Fish a special experience you can't have elsewhere.

-Everything is made from scratch every day. Nothing comes from a can, a packet or a box. We make everything ourselves everyday.

-Our kitchen staff all have culinary education. We believe in surrounding ourselves with people who strive to make themselves better with education. Our staff are paid a living wage. They work hard and are loyal because we try our best to look out for them. I have watched employees grow from living on friends' and family's couches and floors to having to sign letters for them now for thier first apartments. We are making a difference in thier lives and they are contributing every day in a positive way to our community and our economy.

-We are commited to educating youth. We have work study culinary students working in our kitchen with real hands on learning. They get to participate in real cooking. Not just peeling vegetables, but using the advanced techniques we use here every day.

-Our staff is 100% Bahamian. There are no work permits at Flying Fish.

Flying Fish Bahamas

Rebecca Tibbitts
Rebecca Tibbitts
Co-Founder and Sommelier of Flying Fish

Born in the Canadian port town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Flying Fish Co-Founder and Sommelier, Rebecca Tibbitts, confirmed her dream of working in the restaurant business at the age of six – when she earned first place in a national Girl Guides competition to create “the ultimate place setting” from magazine picture cutouts. Dedicating her career to the restaurant industry, Rebecca honed her natural passion for the “tiny details” that turn a simple dinner into a memorable experience. Her fascination for wines, their history and the science behind the perfect pairing led Rebecca to enroll into the International Sommelier Guild, where she earned her certification in 2007 – becoming the only certified female sommelier in all of the Bahamas.
Together with her husband and the lead Chef Tim Tibbitts, Rebecca has turned Flying Fish into Grand Bahama Island’s only AAA Four-Diamond restaurant – and just the third to earn that rating in all of Bahamian history

Hannes Tiefenthaler
Hannes Tiefenthaler

Hannes Tiefenthaler – Visionärer Trendscout mit handwerklichen Wurzeln
Familie – Natur – Sport – Reisen – Fine Dining – und vieles mehr..:)
Als ursprünglich gelernter Bäckermeister habe ich schon früh den Sinn für Handwerkskunst und hochwertigen Zutaten in der elterlichen Demeter-Qualitätsbäckerei entwickelt.
Daraus entstand eine Passion für exquisite Kulinarik und Gourmet-Welten, welche ich gerne als bodenständiger Ästhet und Genussmensch mit anderen teile. Neue kulinarische Kreationen zu entdecken, sind für mich Movens, die ich als Trendscout in Sachen Tischkultur gerne aufsauge und weitergebe, oder kurz und einfach gesagt, willkommen in der Welt des „Sinnlichen Minimalismus“ – weniger ist oft mehr.

Edoardo Tilli
Edoardo Tilli

Chef from Italy