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Antonio Valls
Antonio Valls
Director Alimentaria

The name of this 49 year old Barcelonan is closely linked to the exhibition business and particularly to the food and drink industry that he knows very well. Since 1998, J. Antonio Valls manages the Alimentaria trade show and has been in charge of piloting its growth and internationalization strategy that has placed it among the first food shows in the world. With a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Barcelona and a General Management program at the IESE Business School, Valls maintains a permanent connection with the different stakeholders of the food industry in order to ensure that the show constantly caters the needs of the industry through innovative and attractive contents, disruptive formats and activities and practical spaces that favor business, networking and sector knowledge. In January 2013 Valls was appointed Managing Director of Alimentaria Exhibitions, a Fira de Barcelona company dedicated to the organization of international events for the food sector, catering, hospitality and food technology that are benchmarks in Europe and Latin America.

Aafke van der Lippe
Aafke van der Lippe

I'm running Masterbrand, a Strategic Marketing Agency where I support companies and brands in developing and marketing their product or service. I'm a guide in transition management and a leader for creative and commercial marketing concepts in new business. Specialist in media brands and always in for out of the box projects that create a nomadic lifestyle!

Worldwide traveling. Running. Food. Hiking. Outdoors. Classic cars. Good coffee
Gerard van Staden
Gerard van Staden
Executive Chef

  • Good food in my opinion is lots of little things done well with perfect focus and comitment.
  • I also say invest in yourself in what you do everyday.
  • Plan well ahead of time only then can compete with your imagination to achieve your expectations.
  • The disapline and rules attached to classical food (its not easy being creative within these walls this is what drives me) nothing should be easy its the dificulty that makes us great.
  • Everytime you think you are great you realise, like wisdom theres someone with a better idea than you.
  • My abilty to see my faults and learn from them is what makes me unique
Gabriele Vannucci
Gabriele Vannucci
Pastry Chef & Consultant

GABRIELE VANNUCCI Pastry Chef & Consultant

Nasce a Pietrasanta, in Toscana, il 10 ottobre 1988.

Respira arte sin dalla culla. Madre fotografa, padre scenografo e costruttore dei famosi carri del Carnevale di Viareggio. Dal nonno, famoso pittore, apprende l'amore per il disegno e la conoscenza dell'uso del colore, verso il quale Gabriele presta particolare attenzione nella creazione dei suoi dessert.

Frequenta L'Istituto Alberghiero di Massa. La scuola non fa per lui e interrompe gli studi al quarto anno per approdare nel laboratorio del Maestro Luca Mannori, a Prato, dove rimane per tre anni. Questa esperienza lo segna moltissimo. Dal Maestro cerca, con estrema dedizione, di carpire più tecniche possibili. La vita di laboratorio, però, non è nelle sue corde e vola a New York per gestire la produzione di pasticceria di un ristorante con annessa caffetteria e panetteria.

Riceve la chiamata dallo Chef Franck Cerutti che lo vuole a Monaco all'Hotel de Paris. Qui Gabriele aumenta il suo bagaglio di esperienza, imparando le basi classiche della pasticceria francese.

Terminata l'esperienza francese vola a Londra per capire e conoscere la cucina molecolare ed approda al Fat Duck di Heston Blumenthal come stagista.

Segue l'apertura di due locali a New York.

Lavora poi in alcune prestigiose realtà ristorative stellate italiane come il ristorante Il Piccolo Principe di Viareggio.

Nel 2015 partecipa ai Campionati Italiani di Pasticceria seniores, a Rimini. Dal 2015 è Technical Advisor per Callebaut, dove si occupa di sviluppo di nuovi prodotti.

Attualmente è Pastry Chef presso il ristorante Contrada a Castelmonastero e docente di pasticceria presso la scuola internazionale di cucina Lorenzo de' Medici di Firenze.

GABRIELE VANNUCCI Pastry Chef & Consultant

Gabriele was born in Pietrasanta (Tuscany, Italy) on October 10th, 1988.

He lived art from his birth. His mother is a photographer, his father is a scenographer and a builder of the famous carts of Viareggio's Carnival. From his grandfather, famous painter, he learnt the love for design and the use of colours, which is where Gabriele concentrates his attention when creating desserts.

He attended culinary classes at institute G.Minuto in Massa, but he did not enjoy school life. He left half way into his 4th year and "landed" in the laboratory of the pastry-making maestro Luca Mannori, in Prato (Tuscany), for whom he worked for 3 years. This experience imprinted deeply in Gabriele life. Here, he tried to snatch as many techniques as possible, but life in a laboratory was not to be his destiny, and so, he flew to New York to manage the patisserie of a big restaurant with a coffee shop and bakery.

While in the Big Apple, he received a call from the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, where, thanks to chef Franck Cerutti, he increased his experience, learning the classic bases of French patisserie.

He then went to London to learn molecular cuisine in the famous Fat Duck restaurant by Heston Blumenthal during an important internship experience.

After that, he returned to New York to follow the opening of two restaurants. He then worked in various locations in Italy including at the 'il Piccolo Principe' Hotel in Viareggio.

In 2015, he took part in the Italian Pastry Championship, in Rimini and become Technical Advisor for Callebaut chocolate, for whom he develops new products.

He is now also the Pastry Chef of Contrada restaurant in the Castelmonastero luxury retreat and a pastry-making trainer in the international cooking school Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence.

Violaine Vasseur
Violaine Vasseur

Ancienne chef produit marketing devenue caviste, responsable de boutique et acheteuse Épicerie fine pour le compte de trois "néo-caves" parisiennes, je suis adepte de produits bons et bien faits, alliant originalité, gourmandise et tradition.

J'aime connaître ces artisans que je choisis de mettre en valeur, afin de proposer à mes clients, non seulement un produit de qualité mais également son histoire : une aventure familiale, une recette ancestrale réinventée, la tradition d'un village, une rencontre inattendue...
De quoi apporter transparence et convivialité à un moment de plaisir!

Graciela Vázquez Aguirre
Graciela Vázquez Aguirre
Gourmet Enthusiast

Hello fellow gourmet enthusiasts!!!

I am so excited to become a member of this society, to meet gourmet enthusiasts from all around the world and to start a successful local gourmet group in Mexico. It is my dream come true!!

I am a Gourmet PR & Marketing consultant and an amateur blogger.
I currently work for Corbuse Culinary Institute and used to be a PR for International Meal Company, a very large group of restaurants in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. But I think that what I did is not as important as what I am capable of doing.

I owe my passion for good food to my family. My mom was a very good cooker. She was passionate about healthy recepies but she cooked any kind of international plates with restaurant quality. Of course, she learned it out from my grandma who learned from her's but she was always reading and practicing everything she read. My dad was her biggest fan so she lived to please him and thaught her 4 daughters the art of pleasing people through their stomachs.

My dad, OMG he really enjoyed eating good!!! He was an airline pilot so the hole family had the chance to eat all around the world at any kind of restuarants and eateries and my sisters and I got used to good stuff since we were kids. So, I learned as a fact that the best way to know a country is through their food and food habits as much as through their history, art and landscapes.

As my life was all about traveling and eating good, I studied at ESDAI-UP one of the most recognized Mexico's hospitality institutes at the time. Oh how did I love it all!!! Cooking, event planning, marketing, food service, hospitality... 25 years ago, me and my BF Herma used to go as a hobby to a different restaurant every week, we even got ourselves a fan club!!! So, I was all about trendding at the F&B industry and well known as a gourmet enthusiast at the time but I did'n know it could be a professional career, until now.

I LOVE being Gourmet!!!
I love when food surprises me
or when it takes me on a trip through time and space.
I love sharing good food with people who appreciates,
by eating and writing about it.
I love eating, I love discovering, I love stories, I love reactions...

Eating is a universal languaje that unites us all as human beings.

Ricardo Vera
Ricardo Vera
CEO at

My passion for gourmet world comes from the exquisite taste and elaborate handmade. These two aspects are those that work in developing our artisan Jijona Nougat, whose added value lies in the love we bring in its production, which makes them different and authentic gourmet products.

Alex Verhoeven
Alex Verhoeven
Executive Chef Restaurant Fleur de Sel

After being a pretty terrible teenager and shuffling around to a number of schools, I ended up at VTI Spijker, a school for kids that want to become a chef. That’s where I found my peace of mind. Cooking calmed me and gave me the chance to develop a skill.
My first internship was with this really cool young chef. I wanted to be like him, so I started reading a lot of cooking books and worked every day at his restaurant: after school, during school, it didn’t matter.
After I finished school, I did a lot of internships, and I got hooked by a restaurant in Lichtaart called “De Pastorie.” The first year I learned a lot. It’s a hard reality when you start working and realize that you don’t know shit about cooking. The second year we got a Michelin star, and it was a crazy feeling to be part of a team that gets that mythical star. After two years at the Pastorie though, it was time for me to look further, so I took a job at Hof van Cleve.
I liked working there a lot, but after a couple of months I spotted this building for sale on my old route to the Pastorie. A small building, very old and ugly, it was a former bar for men to meet women (read: prostitutes). I saw the potential from day one. So, I got the building and started to make a restaurant from it. In the meantime, I was getting to know my girlfriend. I had worked with her at the Pastorie, but she’d become maître at a Hotel/restaurant at the Ardennes.
I went to work there for two months in the kitchen while I was building the restaurant. To this day, I’m sure that meeting my girlfriend is one of the biggest reasons for our success with the restaurant and me growing up to be a man.
Now we strive for perfection with a young team that all have a passion for the job and for life. Hard work and dedication – that’s all we have in this life to make this work. We all dream about Michelin stars and I’m sure if we keep going this way and try to improve every time, someday it will happen, but on the way, we’re just going to work hard and have a fucking good time.