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Paul Walker
Paul Walker
Head chef

I am a chef with thirty three years of experience in hotels, restaurants and gastro pubs. My experience in

restaurants includes both fine and casual dining. I also have two years experience of working overseas at the

Four Ways Inn, a fine dining restaurant in Bermuda.

I am someone who is passionate about food and I enjoy seeking out new ideas, techniques and suppliers

with the aim of creating exciting and innovative food that will excite the guest and enhance the overall dining

experience. I am always on the lookout for new flavour combinations and unusual ingredients to help me to

achieve the previously outlined goals. One of my major areas of expertise is in menu development, creation of

new and original dishes and development of new menus

In terms of my Career I am interested in seeking a position at a restaurant that is seriously interested in

offering truly creative and innovative cuisine using the latest Culinary technology such as Sous vide cooking,

food dehydration, juice extraction (for the purpose of using fruit and vegetable juices as an alternative base

for sauces etc.).

Marc Washington
Marc Washington
Co-Founder, ChefXchange

Good food means so much to me that I quit my job as a fanancier to start a company that brings good food to more people around the world. I started a company called ChefXchange (, that allows people to hire private personal chefs to come to their home to cook for them. We have operations in Dubai, Washington DC, London, Beirut and expansion plans throughout the middle east and europe.

Personally, I grew up hunting and fishing across North America and Canada, and some of the best food I have eaten came as a result. The simplicity of fresh wild seafood and game, is something few people get the chance to truly experience, and appreciate. Knowing the complete cycle from catching a wild fish or shooting a wild bird, and knowing exactly how it is handled from field and stream to your plate, adds a depth and a story to the food, and not surprisingly a richness of flavor that even when left simple can be the most complex taste in the world. That is where my roots lay.

Since then I have had great opportunity to try some of the finest restaurants in the world including El Bulli, before it closed its doors, Mugaritz, where I know Andoni, and other michelin rated establishments such as Kokotxa and others. As well as lesser known restuarants that may not be on the radar of the food paparazzi but are still contenders in producing some of the "best" food in the world.

Food has shaped our existence as a civilisation and it will continue to do so. As someone who loves history and the history of food, it is something profound when you think of the fortunes made hauling new england ice around the world, or the people who were paid in salt (ie. root of the word salary), or the myriad of ways that food has shaped our society. We are currently on the next wave of change as food develops alongside technology into new and ever creative ways. but at its core it is simple exquisite and intimite experience for the eater that can be unparralled when done with thought and care.

Rodney Wedge
Rodney Wedge


My carreer has been in the restaurant industry and I've been fortunate to have worked for & with outstanding chefs. I developed three successful concepts in Atlanta Georgia but sense then have turned my focus to consulting which allows me to stay connected to the industry but offers the freedom to explore.

Since selling my restaurants I've developed a culinary tour concept called Walk on Eire (, which focuses on Ireland's food movement, where I've discovered a wonderful culture and true artisanal approach. This new found venture has spurred an excitment in my life and has driven me to not only seek out U.S. artisans, but to study and practice the art myself. I now have a charcuterie program established, make cheese, bread, pasta, pickles, mustards...

I feel hopelessly in love with the art of hospitality and food production many years ago but it has only been recently that I've begun to appreciate it as a gourmet. I have always had a discriminating taste for food and drink but now it is much more focused on the fundamentals and learning the history while trying to protect the future.

Aggie Wegner
Aggie Wegner

I am a foodie and traveller - this combination is what makes the world go around.
Also being an academic my passion is to engage with excellent food for consumption, to research food related topics and to learn about food. Enjoying, appreciating and loving food, good food makes me appreciate nuances and flavours. Living in a multicultural society the food choices we have is amazing and very fulfilling.

David Weiermair
David Weiermair

Something about myself:

Love to International Food and culture, because of long cruiseship experience.
I am always looking for restaurant with unexpectet phantasie for food style and präsentation.
Preferntial I visit modern restaurant with a courageous Ideas for Menus, Wines and interieurs.
My unique for a gourmet, is my interrest for the unknown.

Monika Weinelt
Monika Weinelt
Private Gourmet with main focus on venison

Ich lebe gerne in, mit und auch von der Natur. Das bezieht sich auf alle Lebensbereiche. Ich liebe es ursprünglich, fahre leidenschaftlich Defender. Unser Haus haben wir nur mit Naturmaterialien restauriert und ständig erweitert. Holz, Stein, Ziegel, Kalk, Lehm, Eisen, Bronze sonst nichts. Gerne auch mit antiken Materialien in ihrem zweiten Leben, die eine Geschichte zu erzählen haben. Ausgetretene Sandsteinstufen, gründerzeitliche Feuertreppen, altes Parkett aus einer Kirche, Eisenketten alter Gräber, Bodenreliefs etc. Auch alle anderen Materialien aus der Natur faszinieren mich Horn, Federn, Bein, Leder, Perlmutt und vor allen Dingen Pelze. Aber auch in ihrem zweiten Leben.
Nun zum Kulinarischen. Auch hier spielt das Ursprüngliche die zentrale Rolle. Ohne Dogma, wie man in der Kunst sagen würde, ohne sich einem –ismus zu unterwerfen. Beim Essen halte ich es wie John-Boy Walton. Mir macht es erst ab einer Personenzahl von 12 richtig Spaß. Wir haben immer ein offenes Haus. Die Kinder bringen Freunde mit, es kommen Nachbarn, Geschäftspartner, Kunden, Opa und Oma, Onkels und Tanten, Cousinen, allerlei. Wenn unser Tisch keine Kapazitäten mehr hat, bin ich glücklich. Besonders gerne experimentiere ich mit Wild. Dabei verwende ich alle Teile, die mir der Jäger mitbringt und bereite sie auch hier gerne mit den alten, vielleicht hausbacken klingenden Methoden zu wie z.B. dem Römertopf und der Niedrigtemperaturgarmethode.

Marcus Weiser
Marcus Weiser
Executive Chef

…An experienced, professional Executive Chef with 31 years in the industry. Casual to Fine Dining, Hotel/Hospitality F&B, Baking, Restaurant Management, Multi Cultural culinary, Local & Network Marketing, a passion for everything food.

I'm Chef Marc, I've grown up in the restaurant industry, gaining experience and knowledge, not only from my father, who was a restaurant entrepreneur for 40 years, but also, from the chef's who mentored and taught me through the years what I know today. I like to do as much as I can fresh & to order as well as everything I can from scratch. It's a passion to provide some of the best quality food ever presented to customers and critics alike.

Chef Wenninger
Chef Wenninger
Executive Chef Hessischer Hof Grandhotel Hessischer Hof


  1. 1.Tesi: Dear Chef Marco Wenninger, some chefs discover their love for food and their gift to prepare ingredients in an outstanding way quite late, for some other it is already clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. At which point in time did you discover your gift to prepare food far beyond normal standards?

Chef Wenninger: When I was a little boy and stayed with my grandma in the kitchen, I developed a interest to cook, first for my grandma and family, later for my friends.

  1. 2.Tesi: The most underrated cuisine in the world is...

Chef Wenniger: ...the Scandinavian cuisine is for me the most underrated cuisine. Regular if you hear Scandinavian cuisine you only think about herring and ham and as well the German cuisine because the description of the German cuisine is simpler and not very light. Both cuisines are more exclusive as it seems.

  1. 3.Tesi: What is your favourite dish and why do you love that dish?

Chef Wenninger: Spätzle, traditional noodles from my home country, thinking of my grandma

  1. 4.Tesi: A young and talented chef is on the edge of making their decision if they want to turn their talent into a professional career or if they want to develop their skills to cook as a hobby. What would your advice be for them?

Chef Wenniger: I’ll say: if you feel that cooking is deep in your hard do it professional not for hobby

  1. 5.Tesi: Where do you get your inspiration when you create a menu? Do you follow a method or a routine when you create a menu or is it different every time?

Chef Wenninger: Both, as well I visit markets to see all various foods or read a lot of books and newspapers. AS well I’ll like to do a combination between old and new cuisine.

  1. 6.Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef Wenninger: High quality, good taste, natural grown products and animals.