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Monte D. Young
Monte D. Young
Cook, CSW

I cook in San Antonio, TX, I am a Certified Specialist of Wine, and a CIA grad. Good food and wine is about an experience that one won't forget soon, because when one combines simple things in a perfect way - like in cooking, they become great as a finished end-point!

Charles Yu
Charles Yu
Founder - The Charles, Culinary Consultant

I am an avid and passionate food lover, a true enthusiast who has dined at well over 150 Michelin stars restaurants world wide. I have spend over 18 years sharing my knowledge on the influential and rigorous website " ". I am acknowledged by the online community as one of the most trusted, credible and experienced food blogger on the internet. My reputation has caught the attention of restaurant operators and the local, national and international press. ( Chris Nuttal-Smith of the Globe and Mail, Karen Aagaard of the Post City Magazine as well as Susan Jung of Hong Kong's SCMP. Currently, I am anchor judge of the judging panel for the Annual Toronto Best Chinese Restauarnt Award.

For more information please read my interview by

Donna Yuen
Donna Yuen

A marketer by profession, an art lover and foodie at hear. I enjoy the
pleasures of tasting and sharing food of all types. To me, cuisine reveals
so much about a culture and its people--from the ingredients, to
flavouring, cooking style and presentation. Like many others, I seek out
recommendations on restaurants and eateries on my travels but some of the best food experiences I have had are serendipitous finds.

Mohamad Zaghal
Mohamad Zaghal
Executive Chef

Unlike many chefs, I did not start cooking at age 5 and am not a naturally born chef. I actually spent my childhood enjoying my mom's food. I mostly loved watching the steam coming out of her pots, hearing her chopping, smelling the meals being cooked for lunchtime. It was not gastronomy dishes that she made us… but it was prepared with love. It was until my late teens, when I had to choose my career path, that I decided to venture into the world of taste and creation and have ever since added my mom's secret ingredient… Love. Because being a chef is not only a profession we master well, it is above all a passion one enjoys experiencing. It is a comfort zone, a constant zeal to create the unexpected, unique and heartwarming. For all this, I cook.

Mohamad Zaghal

Mara Zalums
Mara Zalums

From a very early age, I realised the joy and satisfaction of growing and harvesting, food preparation and sharing a table with family and friends. My Latvian background was definitely one of the reasons as well as living in Australia where our multicultural society has introduced us to a never ending symphony of exotic international flavours and cooking techniques. With Australia being so vast in size and climates, we have access to a huge array of produce. After living in Europe for a few years and returning home to Australia, I came to appreciate even more the importance of using this amazing produce and decided to start up cooking classes to share the love and to shake up any complacency out there. It worked and 13 years later, I have built my business to a point where I have a large data base of people who come to watch me cook, or to cook with me, to accompany me on local foodie day tours around Sydney and to travel with me to international culinary regions such as Morocco, Piemonte and Provence. New Zealand and Latvia are on the cards for 2016. It's all so exciting!

Ali Zaman
Ali Zaman

I am Chef Ali Zaman.I have ability to create different menu and receipes in budget.I can create disffernt international style Buffet setups.I can prepare fine dining preplate presentation.I want to become member of Gourmet and part of Gourmet success from myside.

Heinrich Zehetner
Heinrich Zehetner
Olivenöl-experte und Berater

Heinrich Zehetner studierte Wirtschaftswissenschaften und ist im Hauptberuf als selbständiger Managementberater tätig. Seine große Leidenschaft ist die Kulinarik und die Weinkultur. Seit 1987 beschäftigt er sich mit hochwertigen Olivenölen und hat dazu ein erhebliches Fachwissen aufgebaut. Unzählige Reisen führten ihn zu Olivenölproduzenten nach Italien, Spanien, Kroatien und andere Länder, wo er als Olivenölverkoster und Tester große Erfahrung sammelte. Er hat in Italien eine staatliche Prüfung zum Olivenölverkoster- und Tester nach den Vorschriften der Europäischen Union und des Internationalen Olivenöl-Council abgelegt.
Aus der Leidenschaft wurde ein Zweitberuf. Seit 2002 ist er für das einzigartige Projekt für eine neue Olivenölkultur „Olio Secondo Veronelli“ in Österreich und Deutschland zuständig, welches von Luigi Veronelli, dem großen Kulinarik-Philosophen und Doyen der italienischen Wein- und Gastronomiepublizistik ins Leben gerufen wurde.
Er ist der Erfinder von speziellen Olivenöl-Workshops und Menüs, bei denen reinsortige Olivenöle mit verschiedenen Speisen verkostet werden, indem das Olivenöl wie ein Gewürz auf die fertige Speise gegeben wird. Er ist Freund und Berater von Sterne- und Haubenköchen; seine Vorträge und Workshops „Olivenöl & Kulinarik finden bei den Köchen, Servicemitarbeiten und privaten Interessenten großen Anklang. Außerdem ist er Vortragender bei der österreichischen Anti-Aging-Akademie und hält Vorträge zum Thema „Olivenöl & gesundheitsfördernde Eigenschaften“ bei Tagungen und Ärztekongressen.
Laufende Einladungen zu Messen und Gourmet-Events als Experte und Vortragender (wie z. B. Gourmet’s Italia in Wien, München, Bratislava, Moskau und St. Petersburg, Expoliva in Jaén/Spanien, Tourismusverband Istrien/Kroatien) zeugen von der großen Fachkompetenz. Eine besondere Auszeichnung sind die Einladungen auf die besten Kreuzfahrtschiffe und einzigen 5-Sterne-Plus-Schiffe der Welt „MS EUROPA“ und die neue „MS EUROPA 2“, um auf Reisen als „Genuss-handwerker“ Olivenölworkshops und Olivenölmenüs für die anspruchsvollen Gäste durchzuführen und mehrere Einladungen zu „EUROPAs Beste“, eine jährliche Veranstaltung mit den besten Köchen, Winzern und Affineuren Europas auf der MS EUROPA.
In den letzten Jahren ist er zusätzlich als internationaler Berater und Verkoster für Olivenöle tätig geworden.
Von der Fachpresse wurde er als „unermüdlicher Enthusiast“, „Olivenölmissionar“, „Veronelli-Botschafter“, „Oleomane“ und „als einer der renommiertesten Olivenöl-experten Europas“ bezeichnet.
Unterstützt wird er in seiner Leidenschaft von seiner Frau Karin, welche Romanistik und Marketing studierte und für das Marketing der Salzburger Festspiele tätig ist. Beide leben in Mondsee bei Salzburg.

Thei Zervaki
Thei Zervaki
Food Writer

…Thei Zervaki shares her culinary and travel adventures on the and on her blog She is a regular food and travel contributor for Southern Hospitality Traveler Magazine and whets appetites with cultural tastes for the Flavors of the South section. She has contributed articles for CNN Travel, Harbors Magazine, Adelto, Consumer Search, Cruise Voyant, Odyssey Magazine, Gluten Free & More, Roads & Kingdoms, Golden Crescent, Matadornetwork,,,, and she is a regular radio contributor for the Menu. She is also one of the contributors of the Savoring Gotham book. She recently launched, a culinary thesaurus.

Here is the link to Thei's portfolio:

Thei also reports on food trends for major companies and therefore attends food trade shows in the US and abroad and speaks in conferences. Here is of her latest presenations:

Utopian Appetites: Symposium of Australian Gastronomy, Melbourne, Australia, December 2016

The Poetry of Food: A culinary utopia or a mundane cooking task?

Gastronomy, Culture and the Arts: A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions, Toronto, March 2016

The language of Culinary Poetry: From the Hungry Ear to the Poet’s Cuisine of Chile

Farm to Table Conference, New Orleans, August 2015

Trendy and Innovative: Deconstructing Specialty Food Products

Symposia of Greek Gastronomy, Crete, July 2015

a. In her Kitchen: sharing memories from grandmothers around the world

b. Women in culinary poetry

Eat, Write, Retreat Conference, Chicago, June 2015

Food Trends in the Gourmet Market

American Translators Association Annual Conference, Chicago, November 2014:

Sushi, Kimchi and Baklava: Lost and Found in Food Translation

Taste Trekkers Food & Travel Expo, Providence, October 2014:

The Geography of Greek Food: Culinary Traditions of the Cyclades Islands

Thei holds a BA in French and Masters in Linguistics and Translation Studies from a number of European Universities. In the USA, she took cooking classes at the New York Culinary Center and holds the Barsmarts Spirits and Mixology Diploma. She also holds the San Francisco Wine School California Wine Appellation Diploma. She was a judge at the Good Food Awards in 2012 and at the Seattle Chocolate Salon Awards in 2013 and 2014.

Thei lived in, Brussels, Luxembourg, Florida, London and New York. She is currently based in Seattle.