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Meet Alvin Leung

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Ambassador or the World Gourmet Festival 2015

Alvine Leung - 3 Michelin Starred Chef and owner of Bo Innovation / Hong Kong

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Chef Alvin about what good food means to him: "Good food means a good memory. Good food means a deep impact on you and your life. I know so many people who say they had had the best menu ever here or there, but when I ask them what the dishes were made from they can’t remember. When you have sex and can’t remember it a year later it was not that good! It is the same with food. Only if you remember the taste, the texture, the flavours, and the little details for the rest of your life you can talk about good food. Just “the best” ingredients or just “the best techniques” are not enough to create something like that. You need talent to create food that a guest will never forget and that comes back to him – sometimes in the form of a memory or sometimes in a form of a déjà vu."

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