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Biography Niccolò Chioccioli

Niccolò ChioccioliNiccolò is from the Chioccioli family, which carries a great passion for oenology.
He is now continuing the family's tradition in the wine business.

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Niccolò, the second generation of oenologists in the Chioccioli family, carries the family's passion for great oenology forward. With a degree from the same university as his father, he also inherited his knowledge and sensitivity. "It was my father who stimulated my curiosity and encouraged me to taste and distinguish between the multitude of aromas and perfumes of Italian grapes, to recognize the qualities and defects of each wine. He taught me the necessary elements for understanding and making a great wine... structure, character, a precise identity, balance and elegance". Niccolò Chioccioli, today at the helm of Altadonna, manages all the activities of the Tuscan office, and personally oversees the winemaking productions in other locations, from the growing of the vines to the bottling.